RECIPE: Chicken Tikka Masala Sun Rice

tikka masala

Home cooks are always the best, because you can choose the best and healthiest ingredients to cook with. I personally never buy any MSG, so every meals from our kitchen are definitely healthier since it’s MSG free.

tikka masala

Because we ate a lot of unhealthy yet sinful dishes out there, I always try to cook healthier dishes whenever I’m free to cook but due to our busy schedule I don’t have much time to cook anything complicated that’s why I always have stocks of WORLDFOODS cooking sauce in our kitchen.
tikka masala

All of WORLDFOODS products are made with natural ingredients without any preservatives, coloring, it also gluten free, trans-fat free and food allergens free.

tikka masala
This time I’m exploring WORLDFOODS Indian Tikka Masala Stir-fry sauce, you can basically stir fry any vegetables or meat easily. Since I have some frozen vegetables and chicken, I made Chicken Tikka Masala Sunny Side-up Rice or Sun Rice 🙂

tikka masala
tikka masala
tikka masala

1 tbsp Cooking Oil
6 tbsp WORLDFOODS Indian Tikka Masala Stir-fry sauce
½ tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
3 tbsp Yoghurt
5 tbsp Water
1 Tomato (chopped)
250 gr Chicken Fillet
½ Onion (Slice)
70gr Mixed Vegetables
2 Sunny Side-Up Eggs
tikka masala
tikka masala

1. Mix the chicken with 3tbsp WORLDFOODS Indian Tikka Masala Stir-fry sauce and marinate for 10minutes
2. Add cooking oil to a pre-heated cooking pan, put onion slices and sautee until fragrant
3. Add chicken, mixed vegetables, WORLDFOODS Indian Tikka Masala Stir-fry sauce, salt, sugar, yoghurt, water, tomato and let it boil
4. Keep on medium heat until the chicken are cooked
5. Serve the Chicken Tikka Masala with warm rice and sunny side-up egg.

Serves 2
tikka masala

tikka masala
You can add any vegetables you want or if you don’t like vegetables, using chicken only already taste very good. This dish is rich of flavor but taste very balance because I used yoghurt and chopped tomatoes to give a nice tangy kick. You can also add chili if you like it spicy. Let’s Cook!!
tikka masala
tikka masala

WORLDFOODS can be found easily at any supermarket such as Food Hall, Giant, Grand Lucky, Hero, Hypermart, Kemchicks, Lotte Mart, Ranch Market,Yogya, etc. For other stores and detailed information click!locationList%5Biframe0%5D/5/
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tikka masala

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    1. You can find it in any supermarket, if you read my blogpost carefully. In the end of blog post, I’ve mentioned detailed info about where to find the sauce.

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