#HematSejam with foodpanda


During busy days eating out is not a possible scenario. The travel time through traffic jam back and forth, queuing and waiting for the order, these factors are just too time consuming and troublesome.

One of the solution is delivery order with limited option since not many restaurants offer delivery service but it is no longer a problem since now we have http://www.foodpanda.co.id

http://www.foodpanda.co.id is an online food delivery website in Indonesia with wide area coverage and plentiful options of cuisine from many popular restaurants.


Imagine how much time we could save by having the meal being delivered to out doorstep? Now with foodpanda we can conveniently order any kind of food we crave whenever we are busy or too lazy to go out.



There was this one day I was craving for sushi so badly but I was also super busy in the office and having 1 hour lunch time is not enough for me to going through the traffic back and forth just to get my sushi craving satisfied and in the end I tried ordering sushi for lunch using foodpanda mobile app. The process was fast, easy and I have a tasty sushi delivered straight to my doorstep while I can save my time #HematSejam finishing all of my works and deadlines in the office.



If you want to order, we have special voucher code for you all Sahabat Jajan, simply put PANDAJAJAN when you are ordering. And also you can join #HematSejam competition by foodpanda and get a chance to win amazing prizes such as iPhone 6, Tablet SPC, dan IDR 500,000 Vouhers every week!! Simply follow steps below:
1. Like foodpanda Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaIndonesia
2. Share foodpanda’s post
3. Add comment on what will you do with your extra 1 hour by using foodpanda?

You can visit http://bit.ly/HEMATSEJAM for more details.

And also here’s the list of the #HematSejam winners from the first week:
1st Winner https://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaIndonesia/photos/pb.333565193360297.-2207520000.1427714184./956248037758673/?type=3&theater
2nd Winner https://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaIndonesia/photos/pb.333565193360297.-2207520000.1427714184./956245447758932/?type=3&theater
3rd Winner https://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaIndonesia/photos/pb.333565193360297.-2207520000.1427714184./956240287759448/?type=3&theater

Let’s not waste time and have some good food while having 1 hour extra time with http://www.foodpanda.co.id

Twitter: http://twitter.com/foodpanda_ID
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaIndonesia
Instagram: http://instagram.com/foodpanda_ID

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