Thai Tea Layer IDR 35k

There’s always a new and exciting new cafe or restaurant in Bandung to explore. Recently during AnakJajan’s short trip to Bandung, one of Sahabat Jajan recommended Gormeteria, a new cafe that has just opened a while ago at Pasirkaliki street, Bandung.

Patatas Brava IDR 65k

Patatas Brava IDR 65k

Green Thai Curry Pasta IDR 75k

Thai Tea Layer IDR 35k

At the front area of the cafe, there a small section selling snacks and cooking ingredients, as for the cafe, AnakJajan gotta say that the decor is one of the coolest cafe decor we’ve ever seen in Bandung.

It feels like those hip cool cafe/ restaurants in Jakarta with interesting play of wooden panels, vintage accents and forest painting on the wall. Can you spot the Gorilla?? 😀

Talking about the food, Gormeteria offers various mix of Asian and Western cuisines such as sandwich, burger, pasta, noodle, steak, and even Indonesian sotomie with price ranging from IDR 10 to IDR 145k.

Magic IDR 30k
The coffee was surprisingly nicely made. Smooth with nice balance of acidity and sweetness.

Magic IDR 30k, Silver Tea IDR 28k

Patatas Brava IDR 65k
A combination that simply cannot go wrong, hash brown, pom pom, smoked beef, mushroom, corned beef, egg, mozarella cheese, carrot, and broccoli. Everything was nicely cooked and seasoned, it didn’t lack of anything.

Patatas Brava IDR 65k

Green Thai Curry Pasta IDR 75k
This one was quite memorable for us. Choice of pasta with green chili sauce, seared scallop, and deep fried fish balls.

Green Thai Curry Pasta IDR 75k

Green Thai Curry Pasta IDR 75k

For the pasta, AnakJajan opted for spaghetti, it was nicely cooked with al dente texture. It looks simple but it has a lot going on with the mix of green chili aroma, truffle oil, a bit of garlic. Savory and flavorful just the way we like it.

Green Thai Curry Pasta IDR 75k

Thai Tea Layer IDR 35k
Wanna try their highly raved Es Podeng Cake but sadly it was sold out during our visit so we settled with Thai Tea Layer Cake with Thai tea crepe, Thai tea cream and drizzled in Thai tea sauce.

Thai Tea Layer IDR 35k

For us it was very normal. There was nothing stand out from the cake, the smell of Thai tea was too subtle. It was kinda disappointing for us personally, perhaps because we’ve eaten a better one in Bangkok.

Overall, both me and Mr. Jajan were quite impressed with our visit to Gormeteria, nice food, great ambiance, wouldn’t mind visiting again to try other menu.

Jl. Pasirkaliki No. 176
Bandung 40173, Indonesia
Phone: (+6222) 20524850
Opening Hours: 07.00 – 22.00
Instagram: @gormeteria


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