CACAO BARRY Purity from Nature Couverture Chocolate

Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate, who’s agree with me?!! 😀 AnakJajan recently attended the Soft Launching of Cacao Barry‘s new variant – Purity from Nature Couverture Chocolate Ocoa™, Inaya™, Alunga™, a famous brand from France known for their quality chocolate and we have lots of interesting info to share with you.

The Soft Launching event of Cacao Barry’s new variant took place at Peacock Lounge, Fairmont Hotel arranged by PT. Sukanda Djaya the official distributor of Cacao Barry in Indonesia.

Established since 1942, they source the raw material from the origin countries’ cocoa beans, working together with the cocoa producer to select the best and appropriate beans and produce the best quality of chocolate with most diverse flavor.

To answer consumer’s need, Cacao Barry recently launched Purity from Nature, a new generation of chocolate couvertures, Ocoa™, Inaya™, and Alunga™ with pure and intense taste made with unique method of fermentation called Q Fermentation.

Other than the business aspect, AnakJajan really appreciate the fact that Cacao Barry also has a commitment to support zero child labor, prospering farmers, thriving nature and creating sustainable chocolate.

During the event at Peacock Lounge, AnakJajan had a chance to taste the chocolate. Each variant has their own uniqueness and characteristic. Ocoa™ with 70% cacao has a distinctive dark and bold characteristic with hint of acidity and good cocoa taste, it’s recommended to pair with paprika, cinnamon, vanilla, Jamaican pepper, cloves, fleur de sel, blackcurrant, pear, apricot, sea scallops, and malt extract.

Inaya™ with 65% cacao is an intense cocoa but it has a good balance between bitterness and acidic notes and it’s great pairing for vanilla, ginger bread, cardamon, coconut, lime, mango, lemon, candied orange, red liqueur, wine ‘Maydie’, Bordeaux, honey, hazelnut, truffle oil. red mead, bread, sourdough, and rice pudding.

Alunga™ with 41% cacao is a slightly sweet milk chocolate with dominant taste of cocoa and milk and it’s recommended to pair with fleur de sel, mango, passion fruit, raspberry, whiskey, honey, caramel, hazelnut, Nescafe instant, and espresso coffee.

If you’re curious about the taste, we got a great news for you. Cacao Barry is currently having #UnBoxCreativity programme where they collaborate with 10 stores in Jakarta and Tangerang to create special chocolate based creation using Ocoa™, Inaya™, Alunga™, and the products are available in limited time till April 2017 only, so you better don’t miss it.

Let’s take a closer look at the chocolate creations from the 10 selected stores:


Choco de Elegance
with Inaya™ 65% & Alunga™ 41%
(available in 2 size, diameter 10cm & diameter 18cm)

Exotic Macaron Tropical Fruit Macaron
with Alunga™ 41%

Choco Raspberry Macaron
with Ocoa™ 70%

Double Chocolate Cake
with Ocoa™ 70%
(available in whole cake & Sliced)

Rocher Ocoa™
with Ocoa™ 70%

Chocolate Melt Chocolate Lava
with Ocoa™ 70%


BAN’AMORE Noisette Banana and Marshmallow Cake
with Alunga™ 41%

Liquid Center Choco Mochi
with Ocoa™ 70%


with Inaya™ 65% and Ocoa™ 70%
(available in whole cake & individual)

Coffee Règale
with Alunga™ 41%
(available in whole cake & individual)


Passionate Chocolate
with Inaya™ 65% & Alunga™ 41%

Chocolate Purity Lava Croissant
with Inaya™ 65%

Inaya™ Sorbet
with Inaya™ 65%

Alunga™ Sorbet
with Alunga™ 41%

Inaya™ Gelato
with Inaya™ 65%

Chocolate Mint Sorbet
with Inaya™ 65% Sorbet

Death by Chocolate
with Inaya™ 65% Sorbet


with Alunga™ 41%
(available in whole cake & individual)

Chocolate Fudge Macaron
with Inaya™ 65%

Tropical Punch Macaron
with Alunga™ 41%


with Ocoa™ 70%

Ocoa™ Eclair
with Ocoa™ 70%

with Alunga™ 41% and Ocoa™ 70%

Mr. Grant
with Ocoa™ 70%, Inaya™ 65%, and Alunga™ 41%

Passion Fruit Alunga™ Travel Cake
with Ocoa™ 70% and Alunga™ 41%


Tropical Almond-Hazelnut Almond Genoise
with Alunga™ 41%

with Inaya™ 65% and Alunga™ 41%

Arabica Chocolate Biscuit
with Ocoa™ 70%

Lemon and Spice Lemon Biscuit
with Inaya™ 65%

Caramel Hazelnut
with Alunga™ 41%

Also, get a chance to win IDR 3,000,000 Ismaya Group Vouchers simply by following steps below:
1. Post any Cacao Barry #PurityfromNature product creation from one of the participating stores on Instagram (repost is not allowed, you have to use your own photo)
2. Mention and tag @cacaobarryofficial with hashtag #cacaobarryindo #Purityfromnature #UnBoxCreativity
3. Periode of posting between 13 March to 31 April 2017

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