Where’s your favorite place for chocolate and cake? Everytime we receive this question, the name of BetterChocolateThanNever instantly hits our minds, it’s our favorite chocolate boutique and recently BetterChocolateThanNever has relocated from Senopati to new location Panglima Polim IV.

Cappuccino (Hot/Iced) IDR 36k// Butter Beer IDR 48k

FYI, specially for the opening of new location, BetterChocolateThanNever is having special promotion from 10 May to 10 June 2017:
– 20% off all dine-in products for every purchase of whole cake/ pie
– complimentary coffee and tea for every IDR 100K spent when you dine-in

As the name suggests, chocolate is their specialty, therefore you can find variety of chocolate creations such as mini cakes, whole cakes, pie, ice cream, truffle, etc, but recently they have added several new menus too in case the customer need something filling and savory, all made with love with natural and healthy ingredients.

Their new location is LOVE!! AnakJajan instantly fell in love with the clean, elegant and classy decor with high ceiling and clean bright white walls.

Me and Mr. Jajan have been a big fan of BetterChocolateThanNever products since 2013, their Black Forest Cake is still the best in town for us personally up until now.

Baby Black IDR 42k
Many of you have asked us recommendation for cakes and most of the time we always recommend Black Forest Cake from BetterChocolateThanNever.
Available in whole cake or mini baby cake, the Black Forest cake consistently tastes delicious. Imagine thick rich smooth chocolate ganache, soft and moist chocolate cake with dark-pitted cherries soaked in rum. It’s seriously too good to be missed!! Fyi, if you don’t consume rum, they also have non alcohol version called Classic Dark.

Baby Black IDR 42k
Baby Black IDR 42k

Baby Hazelnut IDR 42k
It might look simple but it tastes muchhhhh better than the look. Rich gooey fudgy cake where dark chocolate and nutty Hazelnut complement each other perfectly.

Baby Hazelnut IDR 42k

Strawberry Cheese IDR 46k
Besides chocolate dishes they also have other non chocolate item just like this strawberry cheese pie with crushed oreo crust.

Strawberry Cheese IDR 46k

Banana Pumpkin Muffin IDR 32k
Not a big fan of muffin but this one got us hooked immediately. Texture wise the muffin was very moist and fluffy with enjoyable taste from the use of 50% whole wheat muffin, pumpkin seed and dark chocolate.

Banana Pumpkin Muffin IDR 32k

Turkey Apple Sandwich IDR 78k
One of the new savory menu that AnakJajan tried was the Turkey Apple Sandwich with 30% whole wheat bun, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, cocoa, and honey. To be honest we’re quite impressed by how well it tastes considering it’s a healthy sandwich, fluffy bun, the combination between savory turkey bacon with fresh crunchy texture was surprisingly very enjoyable.

Turkey Apple Sandwich IDR 78k
Turkey Apple Sandwich IDR 78k

Chocolate Super Bowl IDR 75k
If you’re looking for light dish that doesn’t taste too heavy, the smoothie bowl is certainly a nice option. We had the Chocolate Super Bowl with Greek yogurt, banana, strawberry, cocoa powder, honey, rolled oats, raisin, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds. It was very light and refreshing.

Chocolate Super Bowl IDR 75k

Ice Cream IDR 40k/scoop or IDR 70k/double scoop
For the homemade ice cream, there are 4 flavors available; Rich Chocolate, Chocolate, Rum Raisin, and Oreo. AnakJajan had the Rich Chocolate and Rum Raisin and MY OH MY BOTH ARE JUST SOOO YUMMEHH!!
Mr. Jajan’s fav would be the rich chocolate with uber rich thick bitter sweet chocolate taste, while for me, I really love the Rum Raisin one with rum soaked raisins.

Ice Cream IDR 40k/scoop or IDR 70k/double scoop
Ice Cream IDR 40k/scoop or IDR 70k/double scoop

Handmade Truffle Chocolates
IDR 18k/box of 1
IDR 85k/box of 5
IDR 136/box of 8
IDR 372k/box of 24
Truffle Chocolates are also one of their signature items available in 8 flavors; Dark, Mocha Baileys, Mandarin Orange, Lemon Berry, Matcha, Malt Whiskey, Oreo, and Oreo Rum with rich flavor and smooth texture. Our favorite would be the Dark and Mandarin Orange, simply pair it with a cup of tea or coffee and it will make your day.

Overall, the quality and taste of BetterChocolateThanNever’s products simply never disappoint, everything we had was good, we must say that it’s still one of the best place in town for chocolate and cakes.

Panglima Polim IV no.14
Jakarta 12160
Phone: (+6221) 7395963
Instagram: @BetterChocolateThanNever


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