Introducing relatively new destination in Bogor, Puncak area, Bavarian Haus Bratwurst ’n Grill, a German-themed bavarian haus managed by the same owner of Cimory Mountain View, Cimory Riverside and Cimory on the valley.

Grill Platter for Four IDR 290k

Apple Strudel Vanilla Ice Cream IDR 42k

Bavarian Haus Bratwurst ’n Grill is located strategically at Puncak area, 1.3km from Toll exit. You can easily spot Bavarian Haus from the unique design of building typical German-themed bavarian from afar.

The dining destination is an authentic German restaurant that specializes in processed meat products with premium taste, you can find various processed meat products as well as other dishes such as Pizza, Pasta, Salad, Fish, Dessert, Rice menu, etc.

Other than dining in, customers can also purchase German-style meat products such as sausages, beef salami, cold cut, meat loaf, and variants of smoked beef at Bavarian Butchery Shop on the first floor near entrance. FYI, the quality of meat products here complies to German standard and it has received “Fleischerhandwerk” certificate which is a mark of professional standard of Butchery of The German National Butcher Association, that’s a great thing to know!

The restaurant is seriously very spacious and beautifully decorated with traditional German-themed decor such as the brown wooden beams, cute mural drawing, beautiful garden landscape, making it great for picture taking as well as pleasing to the eyes.

Besides the outlet in Bogor, Bavarian Haus has recently opened an outlet in Mall Puri Indah, so Jakartans can get their German food cravings fixed easily.

Here are some of the signature dishes that AnakJajan tried during the visit:

Farmer’s Green Vitamin IDR 39k
For something healthy yet refreshing, this green juice drink tastes surprisingly good and enjoyable, it consists of pakcoy, mango, and lemon.

Tropical Snow White IDR 43k, Farmer’s Green Vitamin IDR 39k

Tropical Snow White IDR 43k
Then for something more milky and fruity, Tropical Snow White is a nice option with the combination of milk, lychee and mango.

Bavarian Garden Salad IDR 45k
For starter, AnakJajan had Bavarian Garden Salad with fresh vegetables and boiled egg. The colorful salad dish comes in choice of sauce, Italian dressing or Thousand island. AnakJajan opted for Italian dressing for more refreshing tangy taste.

Bavarian Garden Salad IDR 45k

Bavarian Garden Salad IDR 45k

Grill Platter for Four IDR 290k
This huge platter simply makes the tummy happy! The platter comes in interesting combination; variety of sausages (Cheese Krainer, Chicken Vienna, Thuringer Bratwurst), meatloaf, smoked chicken with a condiments of sour sauerkraut (fermented finely cut cabbage), sweet apple red cabbage, Bavarian cabbage salad and potato wedges.

Grill Platter for Four IDR 290k

Grill Platter for Four IDR 290k

AnakJajan gotta say that it’s a great combo, everything was delicious, very meaty and full of flavor. The best part would be the Cheese Krainer sausage, it was DA BOMB! Very juicy yet meaty with melting cheese in the middle. MAJOR YUM!!

Apple Strudel Vanilla Ice Cream IDR 42k
There’s always a room for dessert, AnakJajan had Apple Strudel or freshly baked layered pastry with apple filling inside. The pastry was flaky, buttery and crunchy on the outside, while the filling was cooked just right and not overly sweet, best served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Apple Strudel Vanilla Ice Cream IDR 42k

Overall, the place is nicely decorated with unique concept, meat quality is also amazing, Bavarian Haus Bratwurst n’ Grill is surely an interesting destination to visit when you’re in puncak.

Bavarian Haus Bratwurst n’ Grill
Jl. Raya Puncak, Cibogo (1.3km from Toll exit)
Phone: (0251) 8259805
Instagram : @bavarianculinaryhaus
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri = 10:00 – 22:00
Sat – Sun = 09:00 – 22:00


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