Baso, who doesn’t love it?? The bouncy juicy yet meaty meat balls, it’s irresistibly good even Mr. Barrack Obama loves it! After almost two decades, Baso Malang Karapitan restaurant or known as BMK is till the pioneer in bringing traditional Indonesian street food into modern style restaurant concept with total 30 outlets in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Bekasi, Cimahi, Cirebon, Depok, Karawang, and Sumedang.

Baso Seceng Komplit IDR 23,636

Baso Malang Super Komplit IDR 22,727

BMK has been around for ±20 years with Baso Malang as their main specialty and over time they have added more and more variety of Indonesian food such as Bakmi, Fried Rice, Batagor, etc, the kind of food that we crave and enjoy daily 😋

Mie Baso Granat IDR 24,545

Talking about the food, all menu here in BMK is HALAL friendly with affordable price ranging from IDR 5k to IDR 30k. It has been a while since the last time AnakJajan visited BMK and we were just soo happy to get our cravings fixed, here are our order:

YAY for complimentary free crackers!

Baso Malang Super Komplit IDR 22,727
A visit to BMK won’t be complete without having their Baso Malang, therefore AnakJajan opted for Baso Malang Super Komplit with most complete ingredients for maximum pleasure. There are more than 10 elements in the dish which make it fun and enjoyable to eat with the savory warm soup, you’ll get the bouncy meaty texture from beef balls, then crispy texture from the deep fried wonton skin, yum!

Baso Malang Super Komplit IDR 22,727

Baso Malang Super Komplit IDR 22,727

Baso Seceng Komplit IDR 23,636
First time trying it and we loved it!! Basically it’s similar with regular baso dish but the baso/ beef ball comes in very small size available in regular and deep fried version, it’s small yet bouncy resulting such a unique eating experience.

Baso Seceng Komplit IDR 23,636
Rainbow Jelly IDR 14,545

Mie Baso Granat IDR 24,545
For spicy food lovers, this one is seriously no joke! The baso is filled with generous amount of spicy chili inside that will immediately explode on your mouth. Sooo spicy yet sooo addictive at the same time.

Mie Baso Granat IDR 24,545

Mie Baso Granat IDR 24,545

By the way, how do you like to enjoy your baso normally? As for me I love to enjoy it as it is with a bit of chili, while for Mr. Jajan, he loves to add sweet soy sauce into the soup.

Bakmi Keriting Ayam Rica Baso Urat IDR 24,545
The curly noodle dish tastes savory with uber spicy ‘rica’ topping, basically you can order the bakmi only or with side dishes such as Batagor, Siomay, Baso Urat, Baso or Special, as for us, we had the noodle with Baso Urat on the side.

Bakmi Keriting Ayam Rica Baso Urat IDR 24,545

Bakmi Keriting Ayam Manis Batagor IDR 24,545
If you prefer your curly noodle with savory and sweet seasoning, this one is certainly the right choice. The seasoning is just nice with perfect balance between sweet and savory, and similar with the menu above, you can order the bakmi only or with side dishes such as Batagor, Siomay, Baso Urat, Baso or Special.

Bakmi Keriting Ayam Manis Batagor IDR 24,545

Nasi Soto Betawi IDR 32,727
One of their popular menu is Soto Betawi, the light coconut based soup just has a right amount of creaminess and seasoning, it’s savory with tender beef and chunks of potato and tomato.

Nasi Soto Betawi IDR 32,727

Nasi Soto Betawi IDR 32,727

Nasi Rawon Baso Campur IDR 30,000
Craving for baso and rawon? Why not getting both of it? Here in BMK they have a dish called Nasi Rawon Baso Campur with baso Malang ingredients and beef cooked in savory rawon soup and served with rice.

Nasi Rawon Baso Campur IDR 30,000

Nasi Goreng Gado-Gado IDR 30,000
Super huge portion, Indonesian fried rice served with Gado-gado on the side. The pairing turns out to be very nice, if you’re really hungry this dish certainly going to satisfy since the portion is seriously soo huge.

Nasi Goreng Gado-Gado IDR 30,000

Overall, affordable price, great variety of Indonesian dishes that we simply cannot get bored with. Eating in BMK is always satisfying both for the tummy and wallet😋😋😋

BMK (Baso Malang Karapitan)
Instagram: @bmkresto

BMK ATRIUM – Jln. Senen Raya No. 135 Lantai 4 unit S 18-12 Jakarta Pusat BMK BLOK M PLAZA – Blok M Plaza Jln. Bulungan No. 76 , Blok M – Jakarta Selatan BMK BLOK M SQUARE – Blok M Square Jln. Melawai No. 5 Jakarta Selatan
BMK CIBUBUR PLASA- Jln. Alternatif Cibubur Cileungsi Bogor Jawa Barat BMK CIPINANG – Jln. Raya Kalimalang Jakarta Timur BMK CITRALAND – Jln. Arteri S. Parman Mall Citraland Grogol Jakarta Barat
BMK GRAND CAKUNG – Mall Grand Cakung, Lantai Ground Jl. Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, Cakung, Jakarta Timur BMK KALIBATA – Jln. Kalibata Raya Lantai Dasar Jakarta Selatan BMK PLAZA FESTIVAL – Jln. HR, Rasuna Said Kuningan Jakarta Pusat
BMK TENABANG – Prime Food Station Blok A lantai 8 Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat BMK SLIPI JAYA – Plaza Slipi Jaya, Lantai 1, Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Slipi, Jakarta Barat BMK TIS SQUARE – Tebet Indah Square unit 4,5,6 Jln. MT Haryono, Tebet, Jakarta
BMK PGC CILILITAN – Jln. Mayjend Sutoyo No. 76 Lantai GF Kramat Jati Jakarta Timur BMK SARINAH – Sarinah Thamrin UG Floor BMK CARREFOUR LEBAK BULUS – Carrefour Lebak Bulus Ground Floor
BMK BINTARO PLAZA – Lantai Ground, Jl. Bintaro Utama, Bintaro Sektor 3, Bintaro, Jakarta BMK CBD CILEDUG – Jln. Hos Cokro Aminoto No. 93 Ciledug Tangerang BMK SUPERMAL – Jln. Boulevard Diponegoro No. 105 UG 49 & 133A Karawaci Tangerang
BMK MEGA MALL BEKASI – Jln. Jend Achmad Yani Bekasi Barat Jawa Barat BMK METMALL – Jln. Raya kalimalang lantai 3 Met Mall Bekasi Barat BMK SUMMARECON BEKASI – Jln. Boulevard Achmad Yani Lantai Dasar Bekasi Barat Jawa Barat
BMK CIWALK, Cihampelas Walk lantai 2, Jln. Cihampelas No. 160 Bandung BMK KEPATIHAN- Grand Yogya Kepatihan Lantai 5 Jln. Kepatihan No.18 Bandung Jawa Barat BMK MERDEKA – Jln. Merdeka No. 21 Bandung Jawa Barat
BMK CIMAHI – Jln. Gandawijaya No. 1 Cimahi Jawa Barat
BMK MALL GRAGE – Jln. Tentara Pelajar No. 1, Cirebon, Jawa Barat
BMK CINERE MAL – Ground Floor Jln. Cinere Raya No. 1 Depok Jawa Barat BMK DEPOK MALL – Depok Mall, 1st Fl Jl. Raya Margonda Kav. 88. Beji, Depok, Jawa Barat
BMK GRAND TARUMA KARAWANG – Jln. Tarumanegara Kav.8 Karawang Jawa Barat
BMK JATINANGOR TOWN SQUARE – Jln. Jatinangor No. 150 Extention I Sumedang Jawa Barat
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