MADAGASKAR INDONESIA, the new restaurant in Plaza Senayan with unique tropical jungle themed is currently the talk of the town. The thematic restaurant has a unique decor where we can dine in the middle of exotic jungle surrounded by wild creatures. YES YOU READ IT RIGHT, JUNGLE inside Plaza Senayan!

Poultry Baked Rice IDR 50k

Herbivore Gua & Pico Fries IDR 48k

As you step inside the restaurant, you’ll be welcomed by manmade jungle with lush artificial plants as well as animatronic WILD ANIMAL FIGURES, that’s certainly one of a kind concept that might be the first one in Jakarta.

Located on the same floor as XXI Plaza Senayan, next to Apple Bee restaurant on P5, since the new restaurant is super packed at this moment, we suggest you to call and make a reservation first to avoid long waiting list.

The restaurant is super spacious with 2 floors and customers are encouraged to walk and take a look around the restaurant since there are different animals on each corner. At the front area there’s a small area of souvenir shops with cute animal themed merchandises.

There are several animals that you can see, such as giraffe, birds, butterflies, as well as animatronic snakes, elephants, gorillas, tigers, crocodile, monkey. Animatronic animal figures mean the realistic looking animals are moving so they look alive, AnakJajan gotta give the restaurant double thumbs up for their extra effort to make the jungle looking more lively.

As for the food, the restaurant is totally family friendly since it offers wide range of cuisines; western, Polynesian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and African. Here are some of the dishes AnakJajan tried, short to say the food there were surprisingly enjoyable with nice decent seasoning.

Hunter Miso Edamame IDR 28k
For starter, AnakJajan had Japanese style edamame sauteed in sweet miso paste and spicy garlic sauce. It was quite yummy, the edamame beans were nicely cooked then seasoning was savory with subtle spicy taste. Instead of Japanese, it’s more like some kind of Asian seasoning (in a good way) maybe because of the use of spicy garlic sauce.

Hunter Miso Edamame IDR 28k

Herbivore Gua & Pico Fries IDR 48k
French fries overload!!! It came in a super generous portion with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, coleslaw with lime juice squeezed over the fries, what’s there not to love?😋

Herbivore Gua & Pico Fries IDR 48k

Oceanic Garlic Olio Pasta IDR 85k
This plain looking dish might be the least photogenic one but trust us it was very yummy. The only drawback would be the overcooked dry salmon but other than that everything was enjoyable, savory garlicky seasoning, nicely cooked aldente pasta, fresh seafood.

Oceanic Garlic Olio Pasta IDR 85k

Tropical Forest Fried Rice IDR 75k
Signature fried rice with sauteed shrimps, smoked beef, pineapple, sunny side up egg and mixed vegetables tossed with fish sauce. It was decent but lacking of special x factor, it might be more suitable for kids.

Tropical Forest Fried Rice IDR 75k

Tropical Forest Fried Rice IDR 75k

Poultry Baked Rice IDR 50k
The baked rice consists of deep fried breaded chicken topped with melted mozarella cheese over aromatic rice. Love the use of pesto sauce into the rice, it gave the dish a nice kick of aroma, also it gave the cheesy topping a great balance of flavor.

Poultry Baked Rice IDR 50k

Poultry Baked Rice IDR 50k

Overall, Madagaskar Indonesia is an exciting new fresh concept that Jakartans need especially family with children. Spot on decor, decent enjoyable meal, visitors can enjoy dining while having fun meeting the wild animals. It’s such a fun place to visit with unique experience.

Madagaskar Indonesia
Plaza Senayan P5 Unit 518
Central Jakarta
Instagram: @madagaskarindonesia
Phone: +6221-57906082


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