Mandu (Gyoza) IDR 60k/ 3 pcs , IDR 90k/ 5 pcs

Another yummy Korean restaurant in Jakarta, Yongdaeri Korean BBQ located in Galeria SCBD, Jakarta near Pacific Place.

Rainy season makes us hungry all the time, don’t you agree?? Since AnakJajan had a sudden craving for Korean food, we decided to visit Yongdaeri. We’ve heard about this Korean restaurant for quite some time, our colleague said that the food there tastes nice.

Mandu (Gyoza) IDR 60k/ 3 pcs , IDR 90k/ 5 pcs

The restaurant is located in Galeria SCBD area, they serve wide range of Korean dishes but the main item would be Korean BBQ as the name suggests. Since we were craving for other dishes, we decided to skip the BBQ. FYI, the restaurant serves pork dishes so it’s not Moslem friendly.

Gim Mari IDR 35k/ 2pcs

The restaurant decor has some private rooms, if you like noraebang, you can enjoy free Karaoke service inside the private room. Upon arriving, the staff serves some banchan such as kimchi, egg salad, egg pancake, etc which were delicious.

Jek Seok Teok Po Ki IDR 115k (Small), IDR 190k (Large)
It was raining hard during our visit so we decided to order spicy tteokbokki dish. Luckily they have small portion option perfect for two or three people.

Jek Seok Teok Po Ki IDR 115k (Small)

The tteokbokki consists of fish balls, fish cakes, boiled egg, ramyeon noodle, and rice cake in thick sweet and spicy broth. It was nicely cooked and seasoned, spicy but still in enjoyable level, not overly sweet as well.

Gim Mari IDR 35k/ 2pcs
Do you know that tteokbokki goes really well with crunchy fritters?? We ordered Gim Mari or a kind of nori tempura filled with japchae or glass noodle. It’s seriously A MUST ORDER, imagine dipping the crunchy tempura in rich thick spicy broth, MAJOR YUM ALERT!

Gim Mari IDR 35k/ 2pcs

Mandu (Gyoza) IDR 60k/ 3 pcs , IDR 90k/ 5 pcs
Another item to accompany our tteokbokki, deep fried dumpling or gyoza. Personally we prefer the Gim Mari more.

Mandu (Gyoza) IDR 60k/ 3 pcs , IDR 90k/ 5 pcs


Su Je Sut Bul Teok Galbi IDR 140k (Small), IDR 230k
Tteok Galbi is basically marinated beef short ribs meat patty mixed with minced rice cake or tteok. The one in Yongdaeri is well made, we enjoyed the sweet, salty, and savory flavors with chewy yet juicy textures with nice char-grilled aroma served with grilled garlic, tomato, tteok and enoki.

Su Je Sut Bul Teok Galbi IDR 140k (Small), IDR 230k

At the end of our meal, we were given yoghurt soft serve ice cream as complimentary and some crackers. We really enjoyed the refreshing yoghurt ice cream.

Overall we left the restaurant with happy tummies. The downside of going to Korean restaurant alone with Mr. Jajan is the limited amount of menu two of us can order, since most of the menu are best for sharing with big portion. There are so many interesting menu we want to try but we have limited tummy space, so hopefully we can bring more tummies to share on next visit.

Yongdaeri Korean BBQ
Galeria SCBD, Kawasan Niaga Terpadu Sudirman Lot 6
Jakarta 12190
Instagram: @yongdaeri_scbd
Phone: +6221-5150773

Operation Hours:
Mon-Fri 11:30 – 15:00, 17:00-23:00
Sat 11:30 – 23:00
Sun 11:30 – 22:00


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