SORA CROQUANT CHOU – Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

Vanilla Ice Cream or Camambert Cheese Ice Cream

Great news for North Jakartans, after the 1st outlet in Lippo Mall Puri, Sora Croquant Chou is now open in Mall Kelapa Gading. Speaking of Croquant Chou, it’s one of happening new creations that’s extremely popular nowadays in Japan especially Tokyo, gladly now we can easily find it at Sora Croquant Chou.

Vanilla Ice Cream or Camambert Cheese Ice Cream

Croquant Chou is like a long-shaped puff pastry, it’s baked until golden and extremely crunchy thanks to the addition of crunchy coating on top and then filled with ice cream or custard filling. You’ll get a nice crunchy buttery and then creamy sensation on each bite.

The outlet is located in Mall Kelapa Gading 2 inside Food Hall, you can easily spot the catchy blue signage as well as the inviting aroma of freshly baked pastries.

Watermelon Icecream IDR 50k
Meet the new by Sora Croquant Chou, Watermelon Icecream with watermelon soft icecream in fresh watermelon that is only available for limited time. To my surprise, it doesn’t taste too creamy or milky, in fact it’s very fruity and light.
It’s basically watermelon in soft icecream form, you’ll get a nice refreshing taste which is just perfect treat for hot sunny days.

Watermelon Icecream IDR 50k

Croquant Chou IDR 20k/ pc

The pricing for Croquant Chou is IDR 20k/ pc. As for the flavor, there are 2 types of filling; Ice Cream or Custard. It is suggested to enjoy it as soon as possible within 2 hours for best taste.

Vanilla Ice Cream or Camambert Cheese Ice Cream

The ice cream filling comes in two options; Vanilla Ice Cream or Camambert Cheese Ice Cream, both are equally nice, the soft-serve ice cream has just the right level of sweetness and milkiness but the winner for us personally would be the Camambert Cheese Ice Cream, it has this light cheesy aroma with subtle salty taste, just nice!

Vanilla Ice Cream or Camambert Cheese Ice Cream

As for custard, there are 2 options; Nutella and new Molten Mascarpone Cheese.
Molten Mascarpone Cheese is the newest filling creation, the custard has the same smooth creamy consistency with light taste of cheese and subtle salty flavor, AnakJajan personally love the fact that the cheese isn’t too strong that makes it more enjoyable.

Molten Mascarpone Cheese

Molten Mascarpone Cheese

Molten Mascarpone Cheese

So, have you tried Sora Croquant Chou? Which filling is your favorite? For AnakJajan personally, Camambert Cheese Ice Cream is still our most favorite one, the crunchy croquant chou just goes well with light and soft ice cream, double yum!!

Sora Croquant Chou – Kelapa Gading
Food Hall – Mall Kelapa Gading 2 Ground Floor
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
Instagram : @soracroquantchou


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