SORA CROQUANT CHOU – Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta

Croquant Chou IDR 20k, Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella

Sora Croquant Chou, Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta.
Hello, what’s new in Jakarta? Croquant Chou might be one of the newest types of food that starts to be on trend in Indonesia especially for Jakarta market. Famous from Tokyo, Japan, the hype is too damn high, during our visit to Tokyo last autumn, the queue for Croquant Chou is extremely long. Gladly now we can get it easily at Sora Croquant Chou located at 1st floor in Lippo Mall Puri strategically in front of XXI.

UPDATE: Sora Croquant Chou has opened 2nd outlet in Mall Kelapa Gading, read the full review of new flavor and new outlet on following link:

Croquant Chou IDR 20k, Nutella; Camembert Cheese Ice Cream IDR 20k

Croquant Chou IDR 20k, Nutella

To answer your curiosity of Croquant Chou, we got you covered on the blog. Basically Croquant Chou is a type of long-shaped puff pastry but with crispy coating on the top for extra crunch sensation.

Croquant Chou IDR 20k

Croquant Chou IDR 20k
Here in Sora Croquant Chou, the Tokyo style puff is topped with mixture of special crunch with almond, each costs IDR 20k with 3 options; Nutella, Indonesian style “Es Campur”, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Croquant Chou IDR 20k, Es Campur, Nutella, Vanilla Ice Cream
Croquant Chou IDR 20k, Es Campur, Nutella

The puff pastry has just the right texture, crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside, gotta love the extra crunch texture on the top with delightful buttery yet nutty flavor. While for the filling, the Nutella one simply cannot go wrong, chocolatey yet nutty altogether.

Croquant Chou IDR 20k, Es Campur, Nutella

The “Es Campur” was surprisingly delightful, it has lighter taste with unique aroma typical Indonesian Style “es campur” dessert. But personally the Vanilla Ice Cream filling won our hearts, smooth with just the right creaminess and sweet with subtle salty taste from the pastry. Love it!

Camembert Cheese Ice Cream IDR 20k
Other than Croquant Chou, Sora also has soft ice cream as well and they’re currently having Camembert Cheese which was SUPERB! The soft ice cream has just the perfect texture, smooth and light with just the right amount of sweetness and cheesiness. To make it even better, they sprinkle some crunch on top, dayum!!

Camembert Cheese Ice Cream IDR 20k

Overall, AnakJajan gotta say that Sora Croquant Chou makes a good addition to the food scene in Jakarta. The Croquant Chou is nicely executed, crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside, we heard that they will rotate the flavor in every few months, can’t wait to try!

Sora Croquant Chou
Lippo Mall Puri @ The St. Moritz, Lantai 1
Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U No. 1
Instagram : @soracroquantchou

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