Calling all Potato Chips and Cheese Lovers!! We got you a new recommendation that is unique and different, Potabee Selections Melted Cheese by Calbee Wings.🆕🆕🆕🧀🧀🧀

When it comes to snacks, I always love savory snacks, the crunchier the better so everytime AnakJajan visit Japan, we always bring back Japanese snacks and one of it is potato chips from Calbee, gladly now we can find it easily in Indonesia, yess Potabee Potato Chips produced by Calbee Wings.🇯🇵➡️🇲🇨

I guess many of you have made some experiments to transform regular potato chips into less boring version and some of you might have tried to dip it with cheese sauce right?? Well we got you the answer, meet the NEW Potabee Selections Melted Cheese, yesss you read it right, potato chips with melted cheese topping made from REAL CHEESE for the first time in Indonesia!!

Sooo basically each chip is drizzled with melted cheese sauce on top that simply melts in the mouth once we bite it.

In each bite we get a nice savory cheesy taste from the sauce and it goes really well with crunchy savory chips. Crunchy cheesy ME LIKEY!!😋

To make the potato chips special, Potabee uses special V-cut that explains the addictive crunchy texture, we just can’t stop after the first bite!! Ahhh I wish I can record the crunchy sound and let you listen to it, I guess you just have to prove it by yourself. 😁

Potabee Selections Melted Cheese, Kriuknya Pecah, Kejunya Melting!!

Give it a try and we’re sure the crunchiness will make you addicted😋👌🏻

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