CHATERAISE PATISSERIE – Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia

From Japan to Jakarta, Indonesia, Chateraise Patisserie has finally opened in Senayan City Mall.
Chateraise Patisserie is a well known pastry and cake shop originated from Japan with more than 400 stores opened in Japan and finally they have found their way to Indonesia.

Their first outlet in Indonesia is located in Senayan City Mall focusing more on the take-out with a few seats for dine-in. The cake display has a huge sign saying “Directly Imported from Japan”, we’re not sure what it means but the products look incredibly tempting and beautiful.

It feels like we travel back to Japan when visiting the shop since the display totally looks like typical Japanese confectionary shop, colorful and nicely coordinated, you will want to try everything!

Double Fantasy Chocolate IDR 24k

Legendary Fresh Cream Cake IDR 49k

Double Fantasy Chocolate IDR 24k
The first item that instantly caught our eyes was this choux or cream puff. It’s available in Vanilla, Matcha, and Chocolate version boasting two types of cream (fresh cream and custard) inside the choux.
AnakJajan opted for Chocolate, the choux itself was thin and soft then the filling has a nice smooth consistency and it’s not overpoweringly sweet, yummy just the way we like.

Double Fantasy Chocolate IDR 24k

Double Fantasy Chocolate IDR 24k

Hokkaido Cheese Tart IDR 29k
Since the tarts smell so good during our visit, AnakJajan decided to give it a try without hesitation. The cheese was well-balanced and soft then the tart shell was crunchy and super buttery, it was pleasant in overall however it wasn’t the best as we’ve had better, the taste didn’t as stand out as others.

Hokkaido Cheese Tart IDR 29k

Legendary Fresh Cream Cake IDR 49k
Crowned as no.1 popular item, we just have to try it! The cake consists of soft fluffy sponge cake with fresh cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberry. Each item complements each other perfectly resulting a well-balanced taste but does it live up to its name? We’re not so sure what’s “legendary” about it, but all we can say is the cake is very easy on the palate, not overly sweet and very light typical Japanese cake we can easily finish it happily without getting bored.

Legendary Fresh Cream Cake IDR 49k

Legendary Fresh Cream Cake IDR 49k

Roll Brulee IDR 36k
The roll cake is covered with some kind of custard on top, upon ordering, they will blow-torch the roll cake to create a golden caramelized layer on top. It has everything we’d expect, soft fluffy roll cake, light cream filling, and crunchy bitter sweet caramel with just the right level of sweetness.

Roll Brulee IDR 36k

Overall, lots of love for Chateraise Indonesia, pretty looking products with great taste, the price is relatively reasonable as well. Now we know where to go whenever we miss Japanese confectionary.

Senayan City Mall LG floor
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot.19
Central Jakarta, 12190


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