WARUNG INDONESIA KAYA – Mandiri Pekan Raya Indonesia 2017

This year in Mandiri Pekan Raya Indonesia 2017, Kuliner Indonesia Kaya presents Warung Indonesia Kaya, a special pop up booth with tons of interesting activities in the booth and here’s the event report for you all Sahabat Jajan.

Mandiri Pekan Raya Indonesia 2017

Warung Indonesia Kaya

Being one of the main highlights of Mandiri Pekan Raya Indonesia 2017 in ICE BSD City, from 21st October to 5th November 2017, Warung Indonesia Kaya offers fun Live Cooking classes where participants that has registered on www.indonesiakaya.com can join the classes and learn how to cook various Indonesian food conducted by well-known and well-experienced chefs in Indonesia.

AnakJajan luckily had a chance to join one of the Live Cooking Class by Chef Yuda Bustara, while waiting for the class to begin, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at those yummy looking snacks nicely arranged in the pop up booth. Apparently those are various traditional snacks from Kudus that are offered for visitors for free, so without hesitation I grabbed some of it, since there are many Kudus traditional snacks that I’ve not tried yet.

traditional snacks from Kudus

Just a quick information, Warung Indonesia Kaya is basically a pop up booth event by Kuliner Indonesia Kaya, one of many programs by Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation which aims to preserve Indonesia’s culture and heritage.

During AnakJajan’s visit on 3rd November 2017, there were 2 Live Cooking classes by Chef Yuda Bustara; the first was Salted Egg Chicken Rice and the second was Green Chili Beef Tongue Rice.

AnakJajan joined the first one, the cooking equipment and ingredients including recipe were already nicely arranged on the table.

First Chef Yuda Bustara gave us a cooking demo on how to cook the dish step by step including important tips. After that all participants can try to practice and cook the dish.

I followed all the important steps and tips and it was a huge success! It turned out that cooking Salted Egg Chicken rice is quite easy, the required ingredients are easy to find, then the cooking process is also very simple with delicious taste as well.

In case if you couldn’t make it to join the cooking class at Warung Indonesia Kaya, you can simply watch Kuliner Indonesia Kaya at Indonesia Kaya Youtube channel www.youtube.com/IndonesiaKaya, it’s basically an informative yet entertaining or we call it edutainment Youtube web series that feature Indonesian Culinary from the food philosophy to recipe hosted by Jordi Onsu and Indonesia’s renowned chefs, you’ll learn a lot about Indonesian food in a fun entertaining way.


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