Ayam Tangkap IDR 46k

Ayam Tangkap AR (Atjeh Rayeuk) is a humble eatery in Cirajang, Senopati area that is certainly one of a kind, serving mainly Ayam Tangkap as their signature item as well as a few of typical dishes from Aceh such as fried rice and fried noodle with relatively affordable price all under IDR 50k.

Gorengan Platter IDR 15k

Ayam Tangkap is one of the signature dishes from Aceh, it is basically a deep fried chicken dish with rich use of spices. The chicken is deep fried with generous amount of curry leaves for aromatic purpose, sooo generous it covers the whole chicken.

Ayam Tangkap IDR 46k

Ayam Tangkap AR is a typical humble eatery with open air seating area and no air conditioning, so you can’t expect much since it’s situated in a house’s garage area.

Gorengan Platter IDR 15k
The deep fried tempeh and tofu platter is just beautifully executed, crunchy yet soft and nicely seasoned with great consistency of batter. It’s served with chili and shallot sweet soy sauce condiment which is a great complement for the fritter. Loved it!

Gorengan Platter IDR 15k

Ayam Tangkap IDR 46k
Each portion of Ayam Tangkap comes with rice, 4 pieces of deep fried free range chicken, pounded cassava leaves stew and chili condiment. For chili condiment, they will serve you Sambal Kecombrang by default but you can change it with Sambal Daun Jeruk or Sambal Mangga.

Ayam Tangkap IDR 46k

The chicken is served with generous bunch of edible deep fried curry leaves just the way it should be. It’s crunchy on the outside yet savory on the inside which is good though can be a bit dry for our liking but still in acceptable level. The savory cassava leaves stew is just a nice pairing to moisten the chicken up.

Ayam Tangkap IDR 46k

For chili condiment, AnakJajan opted for the signature Sambal Kecombrang which is savory, spicy and aromatic, it kinda reminds us of Sambal Matah since it has similar characteristics. Aside from chicken, they have duck and quail version as well. You see that greenish condiment on top of the rice? It’s called Bumbu Ijo mainly served for Bebek Tangkap but you can get it for your chicken as well, just ask them for “Bumbu Bebek” and thank us later, cos the rich curry-like sauce is very yummy when eaten with rice😁.

Sambal kecombrang

Overall, Ayam Tangkap AR can be a nice eating option in Senopati area with affordable price. Our friend can go there regularly every week and we can totally understand since the chicken dish has a unique charm with pleasant yet enjoyable taste.

Ayam Tangkap AR
Jl. Cirajang No.38, Senopati
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone: +628567700892
Instagram: @ayamtangkapar
Opening Hours: 11.00 – 21.00 (Sunday closed)


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