Chatuchak Weekend Market (ตลาดจตุจักร), Bangkok, Thailand.
Besides delicious Thai food, interesting tourist attractions such as Santorini Park, Chocolate Ville, and Palio Village, Thailand especially Bangkok is also famous with their shopping paradise. So when we talk about Chatuchak Market, AnakJajan think most of the tourists who have visited Bangkok must have gone to this place since it’s one of the best markets that cannot be missed especially for shopaholics!

Every time Anakjajan visit Bangkok, we always schedule our visit on weekend and spare our time to go to Chatuchak Market. Basically, You can hunt everything you want here from food, ornaments, clothes, wooden utensils, vintage stuffs, and even plants. There are even some cafes in this huge market as well as tons of street food to satisfy your tummy.


Chatuchak is open from Wednesday till Sunday with different things to offer. Plant and flowers on Wednesday to Thursday, Wholesale market on Friday, and miscellaneous items on Saturday to Sunday. It’s obvious that Saturday and Sunday are the right days to visit Chatuchak (from 9AM to 6PM).

This place sells everything and it is super HUGE market which is divided to 27 sections and yet, every time we go here, we always got lost! But don’t worry, there is a huge clock tower in the middle of the market that can help you find your way out of Chatuchak. To help you out, here’s a detailed map of Chatuchak (credit: www.chatuchak.org).

Credit: http://www.chatuchak.org

You can go to Chatuchak market by using taxi, MRT, or bus. For us personally, taking Uber is very convenient in Bangkok so it’s our number one choice.
For SkyTrain BTS get off at Mo Chit Station, or for MRT get off at Kamphaeng Phet Station.

The last time we went there around 11 AM and it was freaking hot and we couldn’t bear the heat, so we decided to find something refreshing. By something, we mean A LOT! We drank Thai Tea, Watermelon Slushie, Coconut Ice cream, Rosella Tea, etc. Slurrpp!!

Food in Chatuchak Market are also interesting to explore, you can find food vendors especially on Section 6 and Section 23. From light snacks such as fish cake till heavy meal like Sukothai noodle, all in cheap affordable price, your belly is going to be very happy!

Sukothai Noodle THB50

So Anakjajan was recommended by one of our friends to try the crispy pork belly. And we were so happy we didn’t miss this crispy pork belly because it was soo damn good! The seasoning was marinated into the pork belly, so when you bite it, it has salty taste inside. So addictive!

For authentic Thai dishes in traditional Thai setting cafe, we highly recommend you to try the homecook dishes at this place called Green Chilli/ Prik Yuak (พริกหยวก). It’s located near the exit of Kamphaeng Phet Station.

The humble eatery offers vast array of authentic Thai dishes, during our visit, AnakJajan tried Pork Curry, Braised Pork, Stir-fried Crab, Organic Rice and Rosella Tea, it was humbly delicious with great flavor and reasonable prices.

Well besides Chatuchak, there is also Srinakarin Rod Fai Train Night Market that we love so much, it opens every weekend as well and for more info check following link anakjajan.com/2016/08/09/thailand-talad-rot-fai-train-night-market-bangkok/. Anakjajan would suggest you to go to Chatuchak in the afternoon and Rod Fai in the evening for maximum experience.

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Chatuchak Weekend Market (ตลาดนัดสวนจตุจักร)
587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Thailand
Opening Hours: Sat-Sun 09.00-18.00

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