Originated from Tokyo, meet the new contender for Ramen in Jakarta, Indonesia, Menya Musashi Bukotsu in Kota Kasablanka Mall.

Chicken Teriyaki White IDR 63k (Regular)

Offering Ramen as their signature item, Menya Musashi is brought by Arena Group, the same group with Hong Kong Cafe, Penang Bistro, Miyagi, Maison Tatsuya, etc. The restaurant is located on Kota Kasablanka Mall LG Floor near Bakmi GM and KFC FYI.

Basically for ramen, there are 3 options of broth: White Broth (original), Red Broth (spicy), or Black Broth (garlic), and 3 options of toppings: Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu, or Ebi Furai. As for portion, it’s available in Small or Regular portion. For every purchase of Regular ramen, you can get unlimited noodle refill.

Ebi Furai Ramen Red IDR 67k (Regular)

Aside from Ramen, the restaurant serves a few selection of Donburi, Curry Rice, side dishes and ramen, but of course as the name suggests, Ramen is the must try one.

Chicken Teriyaki White IDR 63k (Regular)/ IDR 38k (Small)
Even though the ramen menu in Japan is famous for their pork, it came as no surprise to us that all menu in Menya Musashi Indonesia contains NO PORK & NO LARD to suit the crowd. AnakJajan honestly were sceptical about the taste but we were totally surprised (in a good way) by how deep rich and bold the broth is! Gotta give the R&D team a big round of applause.

Chicken Teriyaki White IDR 63k (Regular)
Chicken Teriyaki White IDR 63k (Regular)

The taste of broth is very well-balanced, packed with umami, savory with subtle sweet taste, rich and thick but just in the right level, we can easily slurp it till the end.

Chicken Katsu Ramen Black IDR 60k (Regular)/ IDR 40k (Small)
The black broth came from burnt garlic oil, it’s Mr. Jajan’s fav since the bold burnt flavor give the broth a nice smoky after taste.

Chicken Katsu Ramen Black IDR 60k (Regular)
Chicken Katsu Ramen Black IDR 60k (Regular)

Ebi Furai Ramen Red IDR 67k (Regular)/ IDR 42k (Small)
The spicy version uses spicy house-made chili oil, the spiciness level is low to medium for our Indonesian palates, it’s not burning hot but enjoyable with lovely chili oil aroma.

Ebi Furai Ramen Red IDR 67k (Regular)
Ebi Furai Ramen Red IDR 67k (Regular)

Overall, everything was enjoyable, especially the rich deep broth that totally hits the spot. We can easily admit that it’s one of a few “no pork, no lard” ramen that actually tastes good, good enough to cure the cravings and take us down memory lane.

Menya Musashi
Kota Kasablanka, LG Floor unit #L-33
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +6221-29475161
Instagram: @menyamusashi_id


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