From Tokyo to Jakarta, glad to share the news that our favorite All You Can Eat (AYCE) Shabu-shabu & Sukiyaki restaurant, Momo Paradise Indonesia has opened second outlet in Senopati, South Jakarta.

After their first outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk, now you can find Momo Paradise in Senopati, South Jakarta area, that surely is a great news for South Jakartans who loves AYCE.

Just a quick intro, Momo Paradise is an AYCE restaurant originated from Japan specializes in authentic Japanese Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki. One major plus point AnakJajan love from Momo Paradise is the use of natural ingredients for all their soup and sauces, in other words they use no addictives and no MSG.

1. US Beef Package: US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate
Lunch: Adult IDR 188k, Kids/Elder IDR 118k
Dinner: Adult IDR 228k | Kids/Elder IDR 148k

2. Wagyu Package: US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate, Wagyu Bolar Blade, Wagyu Brisket
Lunch: Adult IDR 288k, Kids/Elder IDR 178k
Dinner: Adult IDR 358k, Kids/Elder IDR 228k

3. Premium Wagyu Package: US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate, Wagyu Bolar Blade, Wagyu Brisket, Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll
Lunch: Adult IDR 358k, Kids/Elder IDR 228k
Dinner: Adult IDR 428k, Kids/Elder IDR 298k

– All You Can Eat is 90 minutes period
– Lunch package applies from 11.00 to 16.00 on weekday
– Aside from meat, you’ll get unlimited supply of other items like: 20 type of home-grown vegetables and mushroom, 100% pasteurized egg, sauce, rice, ramen, chicken balls, udon, tofu, ice cream, mochi, drink.

For sauce, rice, vegetables and drink, you can get it by yourself from the ingredient buffet display. Their display of fresh vegetables always get us excited, everything looks so fresh, shiny, and colorful, we can clearly tell that they pay a lot of attention in maintaining the quality of ingredients.

Meat has gotta be the star when it comes to shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, another plus point that AnakJajan genuinely love from Momo Paradise is the meat quality. AnakJajan bet that you can tell that they use great quality of meat just by looking at the pictures below.

Here in Momo Paradise, there are 5 options of meat, US Short Plate, US Chuck Eyeroll, Wagyu Bolar Blade, Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll, and Wagyu Brisket. Having a greedy stomach, AnakJajan opted for Premium Wagyu Package so we can try all of the meat option.

Wagyu Brisket
Wagyu Bolar Blade,
US Short Plate

All of them are equally yummy, it’s fresh, and it comes in beautiful cut, not too thin and not too thick. Personally, US Chuck Eyeroll and Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll are our favorites.

Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll
US Chuck Eyeroll

Basically there are 4 options of soup in Momo Paradise, Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Spicy Miso, and the new Premium Mushroom.

Shabu-shabu soup in Momo Paradise has a very light flavor typical authentic Japanese style shabu-shabu soup, the soup richness will develop as you put meat and vegetables in it.


Spicy Miso soup is made from kimchi, spicy miso and various kinds of ingredients. AnakJajan can tell that this kind of soup suits our Indonesian palates the most, its rich flavor with medium level of spiciness makes it enjoyable from the first till the last sip. AnakJajan personally find that fresh ramen noodle suits Spicy Miso soup the most, give it a try!

Spicy Miso + Mushroom soup

Premium Mushroom soup is the newest soup flavor made from mushroom extract filled with all the good benefits from mushroom. From the first sip, AnakJajan can clearly get the aroma from mushroom, it’s rich but in a good way, savory with subtle sweet umami taste in it, best paired with spicy miso sauce.

Spicy Miso + Mushroom soup

Sukiyaki soup remains our top favorite in Momo Paradise, it’s flavorful and rich, love the well-balanced taste between sweet and savory. The best part from Sukiyaki, is you get to dip the freshly cooked meat in fresh egg for creamy smooth sensation. Sluurppp! AnakJajan recommend you to put udon noodle in this soup, the flavor of soup will nicely absorbed into the udon.


By the way, for soup, you can request Mix of 2 soup in one pot, we always do that every time, our favorite combo would be Sukiyaki + Spicy Miso soup.

Eating shabu-shabu won’t be complete without dipping it into sauce, here in Momo Paradise they have 3 types of dipping sauce, Spicy Miso for bold medium spicy taste, Goma for nutty sesame flavor, and Ponzu for light tangy taste. Aside from that, you can adjust your sauce with other ingredients like fresh chopped chili, garlic, spring onion.

Make sure to save some space for dessert because the Pandan & Redbean Mochi in Momo Paradise is so good! Other than that, they also have ice cream, we love their Lemon flavor the most.

Overall, great quality of meat, fresh ingredients, enjoyable soup, AnakJajan can easily say that Momo Paradise remains one of our top favorites in town for Japanese style AYCE Shabu-shabu & Sukiyaki.

Momo Paradise Senopati
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 92, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta, Indonesia 12190
Phone: +6221-27936310
Instagram: @momoparadiseid


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