From Japan to Indonesia, Momo Paradise is an authentic Japanase Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurant originated from Shinjuku, Tokyo. The first outlet in Indonesia is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area, North Jakarta.

UPDATE: Momo Paradise has opened second outlet in Senopati area, full review on following link

Being a famous chain restaurant with 68 outlets in 7 countries; Japan, USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, Momo Paradise offers Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki All You Can Eat experience with selected ingredients such as; imported premium beef, more than 20 types of vegetables and mushroom, 100% pasteurized omega egg, etc, and all of the ingredients are free addictive and NO MSG.

The time limit for All You Can Eat is 90 minutes where it includes all-you-can-eat meat, sauce, vegetable, rice, ramen, udon, tofu, ice cream and drink. The price for lunch and dinner is different, Lunch Price is valid on weekday only Monday to Thursday before 4.30PM, other than that dinner price is applied.

Drink bar

There are 3 packages depending on the meat:
US Beef IDR 158k Lunch/ IDR 198k Dinner (US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate)
Wagyu IDR 248k Lunch/ IDR 348k Dinner (Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll, Wagyu Brisket, US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate)
Wagyu and Tongue IDR 298k Lunch/ IDR 398k Dinner (Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll, Wagyu Brisket, US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate, Tongue)

For the soup, basically there are 3 options; Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki and Kimchi, you can get mix of 2 soup in one pot.

Kimchi + Shabu-shabu broth

Shabu-shabu broth has a simple basic seasoning typical Japanese shabu-shabu, you can enhance or develop the taste of broth by cooking beef and vegetables on it. Kimchi on the other hand is flavorful already with savory taste typical Japanese kimchi or kimuchi and subtle spicy taste. While Sukiyaki that happens to be the best selling broth has a very balanced taste between sweet and savory.

Kimchi + Shabu-shabu broth

For extra flavor kick, 3 options of dipping sauce are provided; the savory spicy miso, nutty goma and light refreshing ponzu.

Goma, Ponzu, Spicy Miso

For AnakJajan personally, there are 3 things that we absolutely love from Momo Paradise; the soup and sauce here are addictive free with NO MSG, the variety of fresh looking vegetables and mushroom, and last but not least the great quality of meat.

As you can see from pictures below, in total there are 5 options of meat, Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll, Wagyu Brisket, US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate, Tongue, all of them are tender, fresh and it comes in a great quality resulting an enjoyable satisfying eating experience. Out of 5 meat, Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll and US Chuck Eyeroll are our favorite.

Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll
Wagyu Brisket
US Short Plate
US Chuck Eyeroll

On the other side, Gyutan or beef tongue is rather an uncommon meat choice for shabu-shabu but it turned out to be very suitable as well, it was tender with just a bit of chewy texture, very interesting.


For carb booster, besides rice, ramen and udon are provided, AnakJajan would highly recommend you to get ramen for kimchi broth and udon for sukiyaki broth.

Sukiyaki was our most favorite broth in Momo Paradise, we just love how well balanced the broth is with just the right level of sweetness. Remember to add lots of onion to enhance the taste of the broth, other ingredients like; tofu, udon, and mushroom are the best companion for sukiyaki broth, imagine the sweet savory taste from the broth fully absorbed into the ingredients, dayum!!!


For dipping sauce, pasteurized omega egg is served, simply crack the egg and beat it lightly, then dip the pipping hot cooked beef into the egg and slurp. It’s the best way to enjoy sukiyaki beef, the egg adds a nice silky smooth texture to the beef just the way we like.

For sweet ending, there were Lemon, Cookies & Cream, and Red bean ice cream, major love for the lemon flavor, it was refreshing and not overly sweet. Other than ice cream, pandan and red bean mochi are also served for dessert.

Overall AnakJajan had an enjoyable shabu-shabu and sukiyaki all you can eat experience at Momo Paradise, hearty tasteful broth and sauce, fresh ingredients, great flavor, amazing beef quality. We can see ourselves visiting often especially for the sukiyaki.

Momo Paradise
Rukan Crown Golf No 18-19
Jl. Marina Indah Golf, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Phone: +628128888617
Instagram: @momoparadiseid


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