The Lemmy IDR 125k// Brugeria IDR 68k

In the mission to find legit good burger place in Jakarta, AnakJajan stumbled upon Lawless Burgerbar in Kemang area, a small place serving burger as their main specialty as the name suggest.

Splattertrash IDR 66k

Specializes in Burger, expect to find only Burger menu there along with a few options of sandwich and side dishes ranging from IDR 18k to IDR 125k for the food. Judging from the menu selection, AnakJajan gotta say that the burger options look tempting and legit with creative and interesting combination.

The Lemmy IDR 125k

Upon arriving, AnakJajan were greeted by hardcore rock music playing in high volume, it might be a bit hard to have a conversation but who needs to talk if you have juicy sexy burger in front of you.

The Lemmy IDR 125k
OMGD!! OH MY GOD THIS IS DELICIOUS!! Big handful of happiness with double juicy patty, cheese, onion rings, pickle, beef bacon and brisket plus sunny side up.

The Lemmy IDR 125k
The Lemmy IDR 125k

Everything was nicely executed, meaty, juicy, full of flavor, very meaty and bold but in a good way, AnakJajan love the smoky tangy kick from the BBQ brisket. Make sure to come with empty stomach because the portion is insanely huge!

The Lemmy IDR 125k// Brugeria IDR 68k

Brugeria IDR 68k
Initially AnakJajan wanted to try their Portobello mushroom burger but it turned out to be seasonal monthly menu and we were too late as they have changed it with new one, Brugeria so we ended up trying it. The new seasonal Brugeria Burger has Mexican twist with chicken fajitas, beef patty, American cheddar, corn tortilla chips, house mad guacamole, & tomato salsa. It was uniquely different, we got the nice crunchy texture from tortilla, fresh kick from guacamole and tomato salsa, an enjoyable creation.

The Lemmy IDR 125k// Brugeria IDR 68k

Splattertrash IDR 66k
For side dish, AnakJajan opted for their snack platter consists of Stryper and Judas fries. The fried chicken strips were good but a bit to thick on the batter, gotta give it a plus point for juicy meat on the inside though. On the other side, the fries seasoned with cajun spice were incredibly addictive, crunchy savory salty tasty!

Splattertrash IDR 66k

For companion, there are 3 condiments; peri-peri, honey mustard, ranch dressing. On the counter, they also provide a rather unusual sauce condiments like Indonesian style red or green chili sauce.

Overall, Lawless Burgerbar left us good impression, we can easily say they take a serious care in making tasty burger, will definitely back for more.

Lawless Burgerbar
Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII No 67H
Jakarta, 12730
Phone: +6281383067839
Instagram: @lawless.burgerbar
Operation hours:
Mon-Thur 11:00 – 22:00
Fri-Sat 11:00 – 24:00
Sun 10:00 – 22:00


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  1. Gimana cara makannyaa burger raksasa begitu? Duh jadi laper kan wkwk. Fotonya selalu bikin mau cobaaa!

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