SHU GUO YIN XIANG Hot Pot – Mangga Besar, Jakarta

Meet our new favorite place for Szechuan Mala Hot Pot, Shu Guo Yin Xiang restaurant in THR Lokasari, Mangga Besar.

Filled with lots of tasty gems, Mangga Besar has been one of the top destinations to go whenever you crave for legit good Chinese cuisine. These recent years, AnakJajan have joined Mala Szechuan craze, we fell in love with the spicy bold kick of flavor therefore we simply cannot say no to it.

Recently, our friends told us there’s a new place for Mala Szechuan Hot Pot called Shu Guo Yin Xiang, without hesitation, we immediately make a visit for dinner. Lucky us, it was raining during our visit, hot pot plus rainy day, what could be better than this??

The restaurant is located in THR Lokasari area, near the Lokasari Mall, you can easily find the restaurant by following the map below. First impression when we entered the restaurant was the smell, we can get the nice smell of typical Szechuan spices, it brings out our appetite immediately. The interior looks great with Chinese modern ornaments.

ENTERTAINMENT GAME IS STRONG HERE!! During our dinner, there was a Chinese opera mask changing performance, it feels like we’ve travelled to China 😀

Ok, when it comes to Chinese hot pot, condiments are a serious aspect, here in Shu Guo Yin Xiang, there are more than 20 condiments for customer to mix. We usually make around 2 or 3 mix of dipping sauce for our hotpot, what’s your favorite combination?

Luncheon Meat IDR 45k, Lotus Root IDR 38k, Fish Paste IDR 55k, Shimeji Mushroom IDR 28k,
Sweet Potato Noodle IDR 28k, Lotus Root IDR 38k, Fish Paste IDR 55k, Shimeji Mushroom IDR 28k,

For hot pot ingredients, there are wide variety of choice like: Seafood, Beef, Tofu, Noodle, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Vegetables, Meat Ball, Meat Paste, and Mushroom ranging from IDR 8k to IDR 228k. AnakJajan opted for US Angus Prime Ribs IDR 138k, AUS Pork Sirloin A3 IDR 98k, Luncheon Meat IDR 45k, Lotus Root IDR 38k, Fish Paste IDR 55k, Shimeji Mushroom IDR 28k, Sweet Potato Noodle IDR 28k, Chinese Okra IDR 25k.

Fish Paste IDR 55k
US Angus Prime Ribs IDR 138k

Food presentation here is also on point, just look at the fancy looking hot pot pan equipped with two golden dragons on the side! For beef, they hang it on a wooden rack which makes the hot pot very instagrammable.

2 Flavor Soup IDR 108k
There are 5 soup options here: Mala Szechuan, Mala Szechuan with Beef Oil, Pork Bone, Chicken Herbal, Tomato. You can get combination of 2 or 3 soup in one pot. Oh, btw, they have individual pot as well ranging from IDR 38k to 48k for the soup.

AnakJajan opted for mix Mala Szechuan and Pork Bone broth. Both soup were LEGIT GOOD! The pork bone broth was very comfortable and rich in umami. While for Mala Szechuan broth, it has a rich bold spices in it with strong spicy kick, Mr. Jajan said that it has officially become his favorite Mala hotpot broth in town.

AUS Pork Sirloin A3 IDR 98k

Both beef and pork were fresh with just the perfect thickness for hot pot. AnakJajan really love their fresh fish paste and luncheon meat, it goes really well with hotpot.

US Angus Prime Ribs IDR 138k

Overall, presentation on point, legit good taste, will definitely be back for more!

Shu Guo Yin Xiang Hot Pot
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya Komp. THR Lokasari Blok B no.6-8
Taman Sari, West Jakarta 11150
Opening Hours: 11.30-04.00
Phone: +6221-62308860


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