Who doesn’t love Suki & BBQ? Here we got you a new recommendation, Nahm Thai Suki & BBQ that have opened a few outlets in early 2018, you can find their outlet in Pondok Indah Mall, Kelapa Gading Mall, and Atrium Plaza, Jakarta.

For quick suki & bbq cravings fixed, AnakJajan recently visited Nahm Thai Suki & BBQ outlet in Kelapa Gading Mall, it’s located at Gading Walk area with spacious seating area.

Seeing the wide array of fresh ingredients surely brings out the appetite, there are many ingredients to choose for BBQ & Suki like meat, seafood, meatballs, fish cakes, noodle, etc. The price is relatively affordable ranging from IDR 5k to IDR 25k.

On the display, AnakJajan can also see 3 options of packages ranging from IDR 45k to IDR 60k which already including meat, vegetables, and other ingredients for Suki & BBQ.

To accompany Suki & BBQ, there are deep fried food as well like crispy shrimp, fish bar, etc. As for drink, their Thai Milk Blue Tea IDR 17k instantly caught our attention.

Thai Tea IDR 17k, Thai Milk Blue Tea IDR 17k

The ordering system here is self-service, first you can pick ingredients of your choice from the display, then pay it at cashier and bring it to your table, the staff will prepare both Suki & BBQ pot on the table, then you can cook the food by yourself.

There are 5 types of sauce condiments available, don’t forget to get some for extra flavor kick, we love the suki sauce the most.

AnakJajan got quite a lot of items since everything looks tempting. Since we heard that seafood is one of their strong point, we got Giant Shrimp IDR 25k as well as other seafood like fish and squid. There are 3 types of suki broth available, AnakJajan chose Tomyum & Chicken soup.

chicken soup

For Suki, AnakJajan enjoyed the Giant Shrimp and Noodle in spicy Tomyam soup the most.

Tomyam soup

As for BBQ, Sweet Beef IDR 22k and Spicy Chicken IDR 22k are the most enjoyable ones for us.

Overall, enjoyable food, affordable price, and wide range of ingredients are surely the strong points of Nahm Thai Suki & BBQ. Listening to the sizzling BBQ sound, looking at the boiling soup, cooking while eating experience is quite a nice experience we gotta say. It makes the eating process more fun.

Nahm Thai Suki & BBQ
Mall Kelapa Gading
Gading Walk Unit C Jakarta
Phone: (021) 4528605
Instagram: @nahmthaisukibbq

Other outlet: Atrium Plaza 2nd Floor, Pondok Indah Mall 1 2nd floor.

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