Offering authentic Japanese BBQ or Yakiniku, GYU-KAKU PRIME has two outlets in Jakarta, Pacific Place and Plaza Indonesia.

Warai Set IDR 1,008k for 2 Pax
Wagyu Karubi
Wagyu Nakaochi
Wagyu Karubi

AnakJajan recently visited Gyu-Kaku Prime’s outlet in Pacific Place, it’s located at the outside area near East Lobby resulting a more private dining experience. The interior is quite unique and different for yakiniku restaurant, it has a lux decor with eye-catching birdcage-like ornaments.

Offering mainly Yakiniku menu, there are wide range of meat for BBQ starting from IDR 78k, of course other than that there are other dishes available like soup, salad, rice, noodle, and appetizer. Gyu-Kaku Prime focuses more on the premium meat quality offered in a la carte portion, so all-you-can-eat option is not available here.

Warai Set IDR 1,008k for 2 Pax

To satisfy our hungry tummies, AnakJajan got the Warai Set IDR 1,008k for 2 Pax which already including: Kimuchi, Korean Cucumber, Assorted Sausage, Wagyu Tongue, Wagyu Karubi, Wagyu Nakaochi, Lamb Chop, Chicken, Ebi Foil Grill, Ishiyaki Bibimbap, Choice of Salad and Choice of Dessert.

For starter, Kimuchi and Korean Cucumber were so appetizing, the tangy fresh flavor can easily bring out the appetite.


For choice of salad, there are 5 options: Wakame Salad, Horenzo with Tomato Salad, Daikon Salad, Caesar Sakad, or Sanchu Wrap. We had their best selling Horenzo with Tomato Salad which was indeed so good, the dressing was bold and tasteful.

Horenzo with Tomato Salad

For the meat, you can choose the marinade sauce, there are 3 options: Tare or sweet soy based with roasted garlic and fruit juice, Shio or savory sauce with hint of garlic and ginger and Miso their famous sweet soy bean based sauce. Personally Tare and Miso are our favs. Grilled over flaming charcoal grill, you can cook it by yourself or ask the staff to help.

Warai Set IDR 1,008k for 2 Pax

First we had Wagyu Karubi with beautiful fat marbling. The shiny looking meat was delicious, so tender yet juicy, the fat melts in the mouth beautifully. It was easily our top favorites.

Wagyu Karubi
Wagyu Karubi
Wagyu Karubi

The Wagyu Tongue is simply a must have, the tongue was sliced thinly resulting a quick cooking process and pleasant tender bouncy texture.

Wagyu Tongue
Wagyu Tongue
Wagyu Tongue

For Assorted Sausage, we got 4 types, Blackpepper, Veal, Cheese, and Chicken sausage. It was very meaty and tasteful especially the cheese and blackpepper ones, so good!

Assorted Sausage
Assorted Sausage


Wagyu Nakaochi
Wagyu Nakaochi
Wagyu Nakaochi

The cube cut of Wagyu Nakaochi has more fat on the meat, you’ll get more meat texture from this cut. For companion, we had Ishiyaki Bibimbap which is basically rice topped with various vegetables, egg, and minced chicken served on hot stone bowl with red chili pepper sauce. Upon serving, we have to immediately mix all the ingredients well until it looks like fried rice. Listening to the sizzling sound was very pleasing, we enjoyed the rice dish so much, it was savory with subtle sweet and spicy taste.

Ishiyaki Bibimbap

For Chicken, we highly recommend you to season it with Miso sauce since the bold seasoning will get caramelized over charcoal fire and it goes well with chicken.

Personally we’re not a big fan of lamb but the Lamb Chop here was still enjoyable, try eating it with Kimuchi for fresh spicy flavor kick.

Ebi Foil Grill is basically shrimps cooked in foil with sauce and butter, when it’s cooked, you’ll get an appetizing aroma from it. It was buttery savory and so addictive.

The portion for Warai set was so generous, we were so so sooo full and satisfied but of course, there’s always a room for dessert, there are a few options of ice cream and pudding. We enjoyed their Coffee Pudding so much, it was jiggly smooth, creamy milky with hint of coffee aroma, irresistibly good!

Coffee Pudding
Gyu-Kaku Ice Cream

Overall, it’s always fun to enjoy yakiniku BBQ fresh right off the charcoal grill. Price might be more on the high side but it’s totally worth it compared to what they offer like the premium meat and the nice cozy ambiance.

Gyu-Kaku Prime
Pacific Place – Ground Gloor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53 SCBD
South Jakarta 12190
Phone: +6221-51400617
Instagram: @gyukakuprime

Plaza Indonesia – 1st floor 173
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.28-30
Central Jakarta
Phone: +6221-3107196

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