Spotted new cozy coffee shop in town, Kopi Susu Bu Lurah in Fatmawati area.

Gorengan Campur IDR 18k

AnakJajan’s first encounter with Kopi Susu Bu Lurah was at their first outlet inside Warung MJS. Specially for their new Fatmawati outlet, besides coffee drink, there are a few selection of food and snacks as well.


AnakJajan personally enjoyed homey decor there. The cozy couch, green plants, snugglish pillow, rattan & wooden furniture, everything is well arranged resulting a cozy vibes, we can sit there for hours.

For beverage, expect to find various coffee like Black, White, Pour Over, or for non coffee option, there’s Susu Cokelat. For the food, there are classic Indonesian fritter, Indomie, and Ayam Geprek to satisfy the hungry tummies.


Indomie Netijen IDR 25k

Kopi Susu Bu Lurah IDR 19k
You can choose whether you want the coffee hot or iced with adjustable sweetness level. AnakJajan opted for iced version with less sugar. The coffee is more on the creamy side but still well-balanced as we can still get the taste of coffee.

For each beverage order, you’ll get free peanut snack as complimentary.

Kopi Susu Bu Lurah IDR 19k
Kopi Susu Bu Lurah IDR 19k

For dine in, they will serve it in cute cup with old-school design. The coffee is also available for take out or delivery via Go-food.

Es Kopi Seger IDR 28k
Major love for this new refreshing creation. It’s basically combination of iced espresso with lime, marmalade, soda. You’ll get a nice and refreshing citrusy kick from it.

Es Kopi Seger IDR 28k, Kopi Susu Bu Lurah IDR 19k

Gorengan Campur IDR 18k
Gorengan Campur consists of Mendoan, Bakwan Sayur, Bakwan Jagung. Their Mendoan is simply a MUST ORDER!! It’s huge, well seasoned, and served with chili and chili soy sauce, classic tasteful just the way we like. As for Bakwan, it was a bit greasy but still yummy, best enjoyed with green chili.

Gorengan Campur IDR 18k

Indomie Netijen IDR 25k
Indomie Goreng served with 5 kinds of sambal, crispy egg, corned beef. As the name suggests, it’s as spicy as netizen’s harsh comment on social media 😂

Indomie Netijen IDR 25k
Indomie Netijen IDR 25k

The crispy egg was such a guilty pleasure, savory and crunchy, goes well with spicy sambal and noodle. For sambal, they use 5 types of sambal: Bawang, Tempe, Ijo, Matah, Sayur. Each has its own charm and flavor, it was so so sooo spicy yet sooo addictive.

Indomie Netijen IDR 25k

In case if you don’t want crispy egg, you can change it with sunny side up or omelette too. Besides Indomie Netijen, there are a few selection of other classic Indomie creations. You can upgrade the noodle too, from regular Indomie become Samyang for additional IDR 22k, or healthier version Lemonilo for IDR 12k.

Nasi Ayam Geprek
This is their newest creation, the chicken was nicely deep fried, tender savory, topped with incredibly spicy yet addictive sambal, served with rice and crispy egg. Tasty!

Nasi Ayam Geprek

Overall, great selection of coffee beverages, tasteful food items, nice cozy cafe vibes, what’s there not to love from Kopi Susu Bu Lurah Fatmawati? Oh by the way, all the menu are available for order via Go-Food in case if you’re too lazy to go to Fatmawati.

Kopi Susu Bu Lurah Fatmawati
Jl. Haji Nawi Raya No. 1A
Fatmawati, South Jakarta
Opening hours: 10.00-22.00
Instagram: @kopisusubulurah.fatmawati

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