KOKONUT & CURTAINS by Wakimukudo – Jakarta

BALI VIBES IN JAKARTA!! Meet the new instagrammable gem, an indie cafe called Kokonut & Curtains By Wakimukudo located inside Pulau Dua restaurant (Komplek Taman Ria Senayan, near MPR) with outdoor seating area.

The chill and relaxing vibes of Kokonut & Curtains By Wakimukudo seriously remind us of Bali cafe scene with outdoor seating surrounded by lush trees and green lake, complete with clean white ornaments on the interior. Not the kind of cafe scene that you can find easily in Jakarta.

The main selling point from this cafe is of course their decor, each corner looks instagrammable, that explains why most of the customers were busy taking pictures.

AnakJajan went there just in the right time, it was a cloudy afternoon with a nice breeze. The best time to go there would be in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot since the seating area is outdoor with no air conditioning.

Talking about the menu they have plenty option of beverages along with selection of Asian and Western food. The price for drink is still reasonable around IDR 40k with price ranging from IDR 15k to IDR 123k, but the price for food is quite high ranging from IDR 45k to IDR 160k.

Picollo IDR 40k, Iced Kokonut Coffee IDR 45k
The picollo turned out to be nice with fruity characteristic. Iced Kokonut was nice too, well balanced, not too milky with subtle hint of coconut milk without being too strong.

Picollo IDR 40k, Iced Kokonut Coffee IDR 45k

Dragon Fruit Rice IDR 80k
This one caught our attention because the fried rice uses dragon fruit, corn, chicken and tomato, an uncommon combination. For IDR 80k, we gotta say that it’s one expensive plate of fried rice, no any special ingredient, simple presentation, normal portion, taste was not bad and enjoyable but not memorable.

Dragon Fruit Rice IDR 80k

Overall, Kokonut & Curtains offers a unique and different experience with outdoor seating area, green lake and lush green trees. Although the price range is a bit on a high side, the cafe vibe is seriously a plus point and could be just the perfect choice to escape from Jakarta’s busy city life.

Kokonut & Curtains By Wakimukudo
Jl. Gatot Subroto
Komplek Taman Ria Senayan
Instagram: @kokonutcurtains


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