WHAT TO DO IN SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA for first timer?? Enjoying city view from N Seoul Tower or Seoul Eland Hangang River Cruise, having fun at theme park like Lotte World or Everland, etc. There are so many things to do and places to visit in South Korea.

This April 2019, AnakJajan had our spring trip to Seoul and as promised here’s the itinerary that we think might suit first timer.


Is it better to join tour or explore it on your own? So many of you asked this question, if we have to choose, we personally prefer to explore it on our own, since we have the freedom to plan our trip and choose all the activities according to our interests.

Based on our experiences, getting the activities and products booked first via KLOOK helps a lot! It makes the trip easier, because we simply need to go the designated places with KLOOK vouchers without the need to queue at ticket counter, it’s very convenient to use as well with detailed address and info about how to go there.


From our recent Singapore trips (October 2018 and March 2019), we have been using KLOOK http://www.klook.com/id/ and it was really convenient plus it’s CHEAPER, sooo why not?? That’s why for this Spring Korea trip, we planned and booked some activities with KLOOK.

Looking at how much money we can save simply makes me excited, it means we can allocate the money to shop more or eat more.


Ok, here are basic apps that you have to install before going to South Korea:
– Google Translate or NAVER Korean Dictionary app so you won’t lost in translation.
– NAVER MAP, seriously it’s the most reliable map at South Korea because Google Map doesn’t work well. It can show you detailed info including the transportation cost, travel time, even real time info about the bus location

BASIC NEEDS: Internet & T-Money

Having internet connection all the time helps a lot especially if you’re traveling on your own. You can choose share Wifi Portable or getting Simcard. Me and Mr. Jajan opted for Simcards so he can explore on his own while I enjoy my shopping time.


We booked our simcards from KLOOK since it’s cheaper (yesss we checked the price comparison and it’s much cheaper). Upon arriving, we only need to show our KLOOK voucher at KT Olleh’s booth in the airport to get simcards. The connection was amazing, fast with unlimited data (happy customer!), here’s the link for the simcard incase if you’re interested https://www.klook.com/id/activity/16469-kt-olleh-4g-sim-south-korea/


T-Money is a basic e-money card in South Korea, you can top up some money to the card and use it for basically everything such as train, subway, bus, minimart, etc. We booked the T-Money card from KLOOK too https://www.klook.com/activity/18054-klook-t-money-card-incheon/ , it has KRW 5.000 balance already.


Ok, this might be one of the most asked questions. For area, we highly recommend you to stay at Myeong-dong or Hongdae area since it’s packed with so many stores and restaurants.

For our Spring 2019 trip, we stayed at HOTEL IBIS AMBASSADOR INSADONG and it turned out to be great. It’s located around 400m from nearest MRT station and there are sooo many hip and cool cafes/ restaurants nearby in Ikseon-dong area right in front of the hotel.



First thing first, the city’s landmark! Visiting the iconic N Seoul Tower sounds like a great idea for first timer isn’t it?

Don’t forget to purchase and attach love padlock with your someone special here.

Inside N Seoul Tower, you can enjoy picturesque city views. AnakJajan highly recommend you to visit in the afternoon so you’ll get day, sunset, and night views.

We bought our ticket from KLOOK http://bit.ly/nseoultoweraj and chose N Seoul Tower + Hello Kitty Island, the ticket exchange process is pretty easy since we only need to scan our KLOOK voucher at the automatic ticket kiosk to print the ticket.

Located at the same building with N Seoul Tower, visiting Hello Kitty island was so fun with all the pink Hello Kitty ornaments and so many cute spots for picture.


Anyone who loves theme park would love this place. Located strategically near city centre, if you visit Lotte World in early April, big chances you can see lots of cherry blossoms blooming!

Instead of buying ticket on the spot, we highly recommend you to book the ticket first at KLOOK. We have checked price comparison and seriously the ticket costs much cheaper at KLOOK http://bit.ly/lotteworldaj

Ticket exchange process is pretty simple, we simply need to show our KLOOK voucher at the designated ticket office and get our ticket printed in less than 1 minute.

The theme park provides unique mix of outdoor and indoor amusements where the outdoor area is surrounded by lake and cherry blossom trees.

AnakJajan visited Lotte World on 9th April 2019 and lucky us, the cherry blossoms were blooming, it was such a dream come true.

The indoor amusement area is quite spacious too so make sure to plan one full day here to enjoy all the rides. Don’t forget to see the performers singing and dancing in the World Carnival Parade.

The ticket includes Folk Museum that displays Korean history, dating back through 5000 years, perfect for anyone who loves history.


After so many years, I’m still a big fan of Running Man, their new members So Min & Se Chan give the show a new energy. That’s why I just couldn’t miss the chance to visit Running Man Thematic Experience http://bit.ly/runningmanaj

Basically, you turn yourself into a real Running Man and try out some challenges based on tv show. Within 60 minutes , you can tackle all the challenges and collect ‘R-coins’ as many as possible.

Honestly we didn’t expect the place to be this fun! So many fun unique games to play and we can say that being a Running Man is not easy! Keep up the good work Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji-hyo, Jeon So-min, and Yang Se-chan, hwaiting!!


BUCKETLIST CHECKED!! Sooo happy to visit Everland during tulip flower festival (April 2019).

The ticket price during our visit was KRW 20k CHEAPER per person via KLOOK compared to the price at the counter. Saving more money means I can shop more!! 😀 http://bit.ly/everlandaj

Known as South Korea’s biggest amusement park, Everland is super spacious so make sure to come early and spend one whole day there and enjoy all the fun ride.

It has so many instagrammable photo spots as well for example Umbrella Alley. We really like the garden area with European vibes and vibrant flowers.


AnakJajan heard so many good stories about this show so we decided to watch Nanta Show at Myeongdong Nanta Theatre


Nanta theater

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to take any picture/ video inside the theater, but we can say that the show is entertaining and funny with really unique concept combining acrobatics, martial arts, music and culinary skills, we can see why it’s so popular.


Another bucket list checked!! Matchy-matchy in SCHOOL UNIFORM together with Mr. Jajan, my high school sweetheart!!

Me and Mr. Jajan started dating from high school but unfortunately we don’t have proper picture together in school uniform. That’s why we’re sooo excited when we found out that KLOOK has school uniform rental http://bit.ly/kruniformrentaj

The boutique is really cute with pastel pink interior. The have so many styles and options of school uniform (don’t worry they have large size too).

Walking around with high school uniform, it feels like we’re Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di from Boys Before Flowers tv serial 😀 Seriously it can be a unique and different option besides Hanbok rental.

Anyway, these pictures below were taken on 11th April 2019 at Yeouido Park with fully bloomed cherry blossoms. Seriously Yeouido Park is one of a must visit during cherry blossom season since it has sooo many cherry blossom trees and yummy street food.


Another unique way to enjoy Seoul city view is Seoul Eland Hangang River Cruise. You can sit, relax and enjoy the view from Hangang river.

You can purchase bird food and feed the seagull as well.

Quick fact, this river cruise was featured on What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim tv serial, episode 3 if we’re not mistaken 😀



KLOOK has many 1 day tour options too which includes transport, guide and well planned itinerary for example Jeonju Hanok Village http://bit.ly/jeonjudaytripaj
AnakJajan personally think that 1day tour option like this can be a nice hassle free option especially for trip outside Seoul since the transportation can be difficult and tricky sometime.

Since we’ve visited Seoul 3 times, we want to explore different city so we opted for Jeonju Hanok Village and it was a much needed escape from Seoul with relaxed and slow-paced vibes.

hanbok rental

The village offers a great insight into the life of ancient Korea with over 800 traditional houses. Since the tour is free and easy, upon arriving the tour guide will inform us some interesting spots and then we can explore on our own.

uniform rental

We can rent traditional outfits, walk around and try local snacks. There’s one popular shop called PNB known for their old school Chocopie, it makes a great souvenir.

Do you know that Jeonju is considered to be the birthplace of BIBIMBAP? Me and Mr. Jajan just couldn’t miss the chance to try the original Jeonju Bibimbap, we chose a restaurant called Hanguk Jip established since 1952 and it was packed with locals.

We opted for Original Jeonju Bibimbap with yukke or beef tartare, Dolsot Bibimbap with hot stone bowl and Stone Grill Bulgogi. The winner was surprisingly Original Jeonju Bibimbap with uber delicious and fresh beef tartare, the beef was tender savory with sesame oil based seasoning. So good!


Since Mr. Jajan was curious tour to DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). On our 6th day, we joined 1 day DMZ Tour http://bit.ly/dmztouraj

We visited all the iconic spots: Imjingak Park, Freedom Bridge, 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Dora Observatory, Dorasan Station.

From Dora Observatory, we can use the free binoculars to see the propaganda village of North Korea.

The tour includes transportation, entrance fee, tour guide, and also lunch. It was quite a different experience visiting border area of South and North Korea while learning the war history. Definitely one of a kind holiday destination.

For Ramadan season, enjoy 8% OFF discount (maximum IDR500k) without minimum purchase with promo code: DREAM500 on http://bit.ly/klookjajansakura
(*Promo code applies for all destination except USJ and other USJ bundle packages)

Thank you for reading. Hopefully our Spring 2019 itinerary can help you to plan your upcoming trip to South Korea. Of course we’ll share MORE KOREA RECOMMENDATIONS AND TRAVEL GUIDES, stay tuned!

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