Brunch is always a good idea. On one random afternoon, me and Mr. Jajan decided to visit EGG HOTEL restaurant/ cafe, new Aussie-inspired asian fusion brunch place located on the rooftop of Suites @seven (Karet kuningan), the same building with Fillmore Coffee.

Situated on the rooftop, Egg Hotel offers nice view of Jakarta skyline’s since there’re not many high buildings around.

Pasta for Dessert IDR 85k
Jelly Belly IDR 70k

The cafe vibes is really cozy with nice music playlist decorated with cement, brick and wood elements. We’re not sure why they call this place Egg Hotel even though it’s not a hotel, but we gotta admit that the name is quite catchy and easy to remember.

Caulirice IDR 110k

Gibraltar IDR 42k
The taste of Gibraltar is somehow between Piccolo & Cappuccino for us. Kinda too bold for me personally but Mr. Jajan loves it, full body, less milky and bold. Fyi, all the coffee at Egg Hotel is by Fillmore Coffee, that explains the good taste.

Gibraltar IDR 42k

Black Fizz IDR 55k
We ordered this one since we needed something fresh for hot sunny afternoon and to our surprise, it was really good! The combination between cold brew, yuzu, and soda creates nice refreshing sensation without getting the coffee taste overpowered. AnakJajan love the fact that it’s not too sweet, definitely enjoyable till the last sip.

Black Fizz IDR 55k

Caulirice IDR 110k
This menu seems to be popular based on our search on the Instagram location tag so we decided to try it. It consists of cauliflower rice with almond, dried blueberry, miso coffee pulled pork, kale, onions, puffed black rice, yogurt harissa, soft boiled egg.

Caulirice IDR 110k

It has all the good flavors we expected but the caulirice was very soggy as you can see from picture below, a major turn off for us unfortunately. Love the yoghurt harissa so much though.

Caulirice IDR 110k

Pasta for Dessert IDR 85k
Another popular order based on Instagram location tag, chocolate pasta with raspberry almond cream, homemade ube ice cream, raspberry jam, cake bits & beet sugar. The unique concept instantly caught our attention.

Pasta for Dessert IDR 85k

The presentation was pleasing to the eyes but sadly not that pleasant for the tummies. The texture contrast was nice but all we can taste was sweet and sweet only, lack depth and flavor dimension. The texture of homemade ube ice cream was also kinda slimy. Not bad though, just not necessarily great.

Jelly Belly IDR 70k
The jiggly dessert has really light flavor profile with soy milk jelly, genmaicha cream sauce, roasted soy bean powder, & red bean. It’s more enjoyable than the pasta dessert dish but still lack of the oomph factor.

Jelly Belly IDR 70k
Jelly Belly IDR 70k

Overall, Egg Hotel menu seems really exciting but the taste somewhat lacks of memorable factor that we expected from a place like this. We gotta say that it has good potential, well maybe we only ordered the wrong dishes. Looking forward to another visit in the evening for night view and other menu.

Egg Hotel
Jl.H Sidik No. 7, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi
(rooftop of Suites @Seven Residence)
South Jakarta
Instagram: @egghoteljkt
Opening hour: 10.00 – 23.00


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