New Burger shop alert in Pasar Cipete Selatan, BYURGER. After Lawless Burger, AnakJajan started to hear a lot about Byurger recently.

Le Truffle IDR 88k, Chi Chi IDR 52k, Chicken Skin IDR 20k, Handcut Fries IDR 15k

Being a burger lover, Mr. Jajan instantly agreed when I asked him out for an impromptu burger date. The shop consists of 2 floors, 1st floor for kitchen and 2nd floor for dine-in. For burger menu, the price range is between IDR 30k to IDR 88k. FYI, you can create your own burger by choosing the ingredients too.

Le Truffle IDR 88k, Chi Chi IDR 52k
Badak Sarsaparilla IDR 19k

Chi Chi IDR 52k
Ground beef patty, beef bacon, caramelized onion, confit garlic aioli, cheese, curly lettuce, pickle
This one is the type of classic burger that we like. As seen on their open kitchen, we can see that they use fresh meat patty instead of pre-cooked frozen patty, a plus point we must say.

Chi Chi IDR 52k

The freshly made beef patty was juicy and very meaty with just enough seasoning while bun was fluffy soft and well toasted. All the ingredients were beautifully combined together into one harmonious combo, easily enjoyable as we don’t have any complaint.

AJ TIPS: try adding chin skin with a bit of ketchup into the burger for nice crunchy sensation.

Le Truffle IDR 88k
Ground beef patty, truffle duxelles, truffle aioli, truffle oil, beef bacon, caramelized onion
This one is their newest addition. It’s savory and slightly creamy with nice hint of truffle aroma and mushroom flavor.

Le Truffle IDR 88k

Le Truffle feels more meaty since it has no vegetable while Chi Chi has more balanced flavor thanks to the use of veggie and pickle.

Le Truffle IDR 88k, Chi Chi IDR 52k
Le Truffle IDR 88k, Chi Chi IDR 52k, Chicken Skin IDR 20k, Handcut Fries IDR 15k

Chicken Skin IDR 20k
Golden crispy, nicely seasoned, not greasy, it was really addictive!!

Chicken Skin IDR 20k, Handcut Fries IDR 15k

Handcut Fries IDR 15k
Fries were also as good as we expected.

Badak Sarsaparilla IDR 19k
Eating fast food wouldn’t be complete without having soda don’t you agree?😁 Love the fact that they have this classic old-school soda drink.

Overall, we can say that burger game in Byurger is pretty strong. They surely know how to produce delicious burger, great bun, nice patty, spot on seasoning, reasonably priced too, we left the burger shop with happy tummies and got our burger cravings fixed 100%.

Since Lawless and Byurger are kinda in the same group in terms of pricing and concept. We’re sure many of you will ask our opinion about which one is better, but honestly speaking it’s kinda hard to compare since the menu we tried at Lawless and Byurger are kinda different.

Le Truffle IDR 88k, Chi Chi IDR 52k

We would say Lawless has more adventurous and guiltier menu option (The Lemmy is insanely delicious with amazing beef patty), while Byurger plays it well too with their own rendition, more modest without being too much and we also like the bun better. Well, it’s all back to your own preference, both are nice, each brand has their own strong points.

Jl.Pangeran antasari raya PD. Pasar Jaya No 10
South Jakarta 12430
Instagram: @byurgerjkt

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11.00-22.00
Sat 11.00-00.00
Sun 10.00-22.00


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