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New Menu at Cacaote Patisserie, Brasserie & Bar


Yesterday night, AnakJajan got invited by Cacaote to celebrate their first anniversary with the launch of new menu. Yes, this is a super fast blog post indeed, posted within a day after the Thursday night dinner purely because I want to write about what happened last night while I still have a clear memory about it not because I want to be the first among other bloggers. Continue reading New Menu at Cacaote Patisserie, Brasserie & Bar

BetterCHOCOlateThanNever Holiday Season

Hi Sahabat Jajan!! Masih ingat dengan post sebelumnya tentang Better Choholate Than Never? Kali ini AnakJajan akan share about the Seasonal Products di BetterCHOCOlateThanNever mulai dari Tartlet, Baby Cakes, dan Brownies Cookies. Continue reading BetterCHOCOlateThanNever Holiday Season