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Padma Hotel Bandung – Wedding Proposal Diary


There is one question that I keep receiving from my friends after getting proposed, “how did he propose?”. When it comes to my personal life, I don’t fancy talking about it to anyone, it’s not because I’m hiding it or it’s a secret, it’s just because I naturally never like sharing any details about my life.

Just like this particular wedding proposal story, at first I just want to keep it alone, but recently after we got married on 27 April 2014 and back from our Japan honeymoon (you can see our Japan honeymoon trip on our instagram @AnakJajan & @iamMarius with hashtag #AnakJajanJAPAN) I decided to pour it on this blog because I want to have a detailed record while I still have a clear and good memory about it. After all, the main reason I made this blog is to be me and Mr. Jajan’s diary, well mostly about food because we love to eat (together) 🙂

Continue reading Padma Hotel Bandung – Wedding Proposal Diary

AnakJajan Japan Series

Reading area
Reading area

There are so many things that AnakJajan want to share with you from out last trip to Japan. I will slowly write and update the links below every time a post about Japan is published. Continue reading AnakJajan Japan Series

Hi, Welcome to AnakJajan

Food – Travel – Lifestyle Blogger

Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa



Hello!! Welcome to AnakJajan blog!

AnakJajan is a Food and Travel blog based in Jakarta – Indonesia. The team behind this blog are Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa, this is our diary, we love to share story about our food, cooking, travel, hangout, shopping experience on our blog as a diary. Continue reading Hi, Welcome to AnakJajan

Thai Food Festival at Bogor Cafe – Borobudur Hotel Jakarta

thailand bogor cafe hotel borobudur

Tom Yam Soup
Tom Yam Soup

In collaboration with Tourism Authority of Thailand, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta is serving Authentic Thai Cuisine at Bogor Cafe for Buffet Lunch and Dinner that is prepared by Thai Chefs from Bangkok. Continue reading Thai Food Festival at Bogor Cafe – Borobudur Hotel Jakarta

Hospitality at Hilton Bandung [Hotel Review]

Rooftop swimming pool and sundeck

Last month was AnakJajan’s blog anniversary along with Mr.Jajan birthday and we were so lucky to get a two days one night invitation from Hilton Bandung. Sooo this time we are gonna share you our sweet escape experience to Hilton Bandung, and don’t worry lot’s of yummy and delicious food at Hilton Bandung also will be featured in this post. Continue reading Hospitality at Hilton Bandung [Hotel Review]

eMagz 8th Edition – Let’s go to Hongkong!

Cover emagz 8th

Hello Sahabat Jajan!! Time to share our experience at Hongkong at this 8th edition of AnakJajan eMagazine. Tidak seperti rute jalan-jalan Hongkong yang biasanya merekomendasikan tempat shopping ala turis seperti Ladies Market or Temple Street Market yang basically menjual barang-barang oleh-oleh turis membosankan seperti kaos, gantungan kunci, tempelan kulkas, dll.
AnakJajan ingin mengajak Sahabat Jajan mengelilingi tempat-tempat yang menarik di Hongkong mulai dari pusat shopping fashion branded, cooking & baking utensil, dan tak lupa kuliner di tempat makan yang recommended. Continue reading eMagz 8th Edition – Let’s go to Hongkong!