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Mie Rica Kejaksaan

With all the yummy food, food hunting in Bandung is always exciting! Going to Bandung, you might be wondering what and where to eat?? Well AnakJajan got a classic recommendation, everyone’s favorite Mie Rica Kejaksaan in Kejaksaan Street no.7 and Paskal Hyper Square, Bandung. Continue reading MIE RICA KEJAKSAAN – Bandung


Blueberry + Coffee Baileys
Blueberry + Coffee Baileys

Any time is ice cream time!! During our last visit to Bandung, AnakJajan and friends had a spontaneous visit to Let’s Go Gelato in Riau area, Bandung and it turned out to be the best ice cream or gelato we’ve ever had in Bandung. Continue reading LET’S GO GELATO – Bandung

Weekend Staycation at Hilton Bandung

hilton bandung 2

Earlier this month, AnakJajan had a media trip weekend staycation at Hilton Bandung for the 2nd time exactly 1 year from the last visit. Continue reading Weekend Staycation at Hilton Bandung

Hospitality at Hilton Bandung [Hotel Review]

Rooftop swimming pool and sundeck

Last month was AnakJajan’s blog anniversary along with Mr.Jajan birthday and we were so lucky to get a two days one night invitation from Hilton Bandung. Sooo this time we are gonna share you our sweet escape experience to Hilton Bandung, and don’t worry lot’s of yummy and delicious food at Hilton Bandung also will be featured in this post. Continue reading Hospitality at Hilton Bandung [Hotel Review]