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SORA CROQUANT CHOU – Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta

Croquant Chou IDR 20k, Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella

Sora Croquant Chou, Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta.
Hello, what’s new in Jakarta? Croquant Chou might be one of the newest types of food that starts to be on trend in Indonesia especially for Jakarta market. Famous from Tokyo, Japan, the hype is too damn high, during our visit to Tokyo last autumn, the queue for Croquant Chou is extremely long. Gladly now we can get it easily at Sora Croquant Chou located at 1st floor in Lippo Mall Puri strategically in front of XXI. Continue reading SORA CROQUANT CHOU – Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta