#HematSetiapSaat with Dealoka


Hello, AnakJajan got an exciting information where you can get so many promos and discounts for free!! That is Dealoka.


With Dealoka you can get various interesting promo, discount and voucher from food & beverage, entertainment, activity & experience, beauty & relaxation till online shop easily! For example Buy One Get One all item at Tang Yuan Asian Dessert https://anakjajan.com/2015/04/08/tang-yuan-asian-dessert/


Or special price IDR 99k for All You Can Eat + Free Taiyaki at Suntiang restaurant.


AnakJajan love the fact that with Dealoka, we don’t need to bother printing or bringing any coupon or voucher or even buying the vouchers long time before using it.


Dealoka is available via mobile app on App Store and Google Play for Apple and Android users, you can simply download it for free.

Using Dealoka E-Coupon is also as simple as one one two three! You can just simply click the E-Coupon on Dealoka app and then show it to the staff in order to use it for offline merchant or use the discount code for online shop merchant.

How to use Dealoka promo:
1. Download Dealoka app on App Store or Google Play
2. Sign in
3. Click any deal promo that you would like to use
4. Click ‘Get Voucher’
5. Open the ‘Wallet’ and show the e-coupon to the merchant to redeem it.

The best part from Dealoka is that the amazing promos are available to use for free!! I repeat, FREE!! I don’t see any reason why we have to spend our money paying regular price when we can save up till 90% off. Imagine how much money you can save and what can you do with the rest of the money for example buying new gadget, traveling, open a business or maybe for charity.

Please share with us on twitter/ instagram your story on what you can do with your money if you can save your money all the time, using hashtag #HematSetiapSaat where the most creative story can win IDR 600k for 2 winners every week!

Overall, Dealoka definitely is the perfect choice to save your money all the time without compromising your lifestyle. Let’s Jajan and #HematSetiapSaat with Dealoka!!



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