LEON – WIJAYA, Jakarta

Paella Risotto IDR 150k

Located at the same building with Twenty Fifth Coffee in Wijaya Street, South Jakarta, Leon offers a sophisticated space for drinking and dining.

With the combination of vintage and modern touch like leather couch, brick walls, cement floor, huge bar table, high ceiling, and huge window facing green lush plants, the decor of Leon is very interesting, moody, cozy, and masculine altogether.

About the menu, Leon offers wide array of alcoholic drinks, as for the food you can find interesting mix of Western and Asian cuisine here.

Lemon Sorbet Tea IDR 50k // Lychee Ice Tea IDR 45k

Short Ribs IDR 145k
Vietnamese BBQ marinated boneless ribs served with green chili soy dipping sauce, gochujang, and rice. The short ribs were tender, but overall it was a decent dish for us personally since the use of gochujang sauce was a bit confusing when paired with short ribs.

Short Ribs IDR 145k

Short Ribs IDR 145k

Short Ribs IDR 145k

Duck Platter IDR 140k
This one is DAYUM! It tasted sooo good beyond our expectations, roasted boneless half duck with nuoc cham, cilantro, green salad, and steamed rice.
The duck was very tender and well seasoned with pleasant roasted aroma and savory taste. It tasted even better when paired with Thai-style tangy and sweet sauce, sooo appetizing!

Duck Platter IDR 140k

Duck Platter IDR 140k

Duck Platter IDR 140k

Paella Risotto IDR 150k
Salfron risotto with green mussel, shrimp, fish, squid, kalamata olive, paprika, and green peas. It was quite enjoyable only not memorable, risotto was cooked nicely with subtle creamy and savory flavor.

Paella Risotto IDR 150k

Overall, AnakJajan can see this place as the perfect venue for chilling and drinking with the charming decor. Since we were there for lunch only, perhaps we can explore the drink next time.

Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 25 A
South, Jakarta
Instagram: @leon_jakarta

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