Following after cakes, pies and healthy beverages delivery, Dill in The Box has recently launched 6 variants of New Bento Menu.

There are 6 options of new bento menu with chicken as the main dish, Sate Abang Pancoran, Chicken on Fire, Korean Spicy Chicken, Dill Chicken Teriyaki, Sesame Chicken Mayo, and Oriental Chicken Scallion. All of the new Bento have the same price, IDR 35k which includes rice with 3 side dishes (Chicken, Veggie, and Deep Fried items), and 2 condiments (mayo and chili sauce).

Dill in The Box Bento is available via delivery and you can simply contact 081289598952 or 081285868526 or check http://www.dillinthebox.com to order. Since all of the bento are freshly made by order, pre-order at least 1 day before delivery date is mandatory with ordering hours from 09.00 to 16.30.

First of all when our bento came, my first impression is the neat packaging, love the way they pack each item in their own compartment so the seasoning between each side dish will not mix with each other.

AnakJajan also love the way they pay attention to details, for example the rice has different sprinkles to match the side dishes, for example sesame seeds for Korean Spicy Chicken, Chicken on Fire, Sesame Chicken Mayo and Sesame Chicken Mayo, deep fried shallot for Sate Abang Pancoran and garlic flakes for Oriental Chicken Scallion.

Korean Spicy Chicken IDR 35k
Chicken thigh with addictive Korean red pepper seasoning with mild level of spiciness served with chicken roll nugget and coleslaw.

Korean Spicy Chicken IDR 35k, Chicken On Fire IDR 35k

Chicken On Fire IDR 35k
In terms of taste, the side dishes in this bento box are my most favorite one, savory yet garlicky stir-fried green beans topped with garlic flakes, juicy savory tofu popper or deep fried minced tofu and spicy flavorful chicken fillet with juicy tender texture.

Chicken On Fire IDR 35k

Chicken On Fire IDR 35k, Sate Abang Pancoran IDR 35k

Sate Abang Pancoran IDR 35k
For Indonesian flavor, you can try Sate Abang Pancoran, chunks of chicken cooked in homemade seasoning with lots of deep fried shallot served with tofu popper and stir fried long beans. The chicken is aromatic, sweet and nutty.

Sate Abang Pancoran IDR 35k

Oriental Chicken Scallion IDR 35k
If you’re looking for comforting dish with mild savory oriental characteristic of seasoning, this one might be a great option with scalion ginger chicken, fish cutlet and mix veggies.

Oriental Chicken Scallion IDR 35k

Sesame Chicken Mayo IDR 35k
Deep fried chicken fillet covered in savory comforting mayo seasoning served with chicken nugget and mix veggies.

Sesame Chicken Mayo IDR 35k

Dill Chicken Teriyaki IDR 35k
Juicy tender chicken teriyaki with savory and subtle sweet flavor served with tofu poppers and coleslaw. A classic yet enjoyable combination that everyone will love.

Dill Chicken Teriyaki IDR 35k

Overall, AnakJajan are quite impressed by how well all of Dill In The Box’s new bento menu taste. It’s full of flavor, enjoyable and also affordable, I think it’s a great option if you’re looking for lunch box idea for event/ gathering, or even quick and hassle free lunch for yourself.

Dill in The Box
Instagram: @dillinthebox
Phone: +6281285868526 or +6281289598952

Ordering Hours: 09.00 – 16.30

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