SUSHI GO! PIK AVENUE, Jakarta – One Price Sushi Rp15.000

Introducing, Sushi Go! in Dotonbori – PIK Avenue Mall, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, the first ONE PRICE SUSHI IN TOWN, yes you heard me right, the sushi in Sushi Go! is priced at IDR 15k per plate!!

UPDATE 1: Sushi Go has opened new outlet in Grand Indonesia with lots of new menu, check following link for full review

UPDATE 2: Sushi Go has launched many new menu, you can check the review on following link

For Japanese food scene in Jakarta especially sushi restaurant, Sushi Go! brings an exciting “One Price Sushi” concept for sushi lovers in Jakarta.

“One Price Sushi” restaurant is one of me and Mr. Jajan’s favorite places to visit every time we go to Japan, the idea of eating sushi as much as we want with affordable price and great quality is just sooo exciting and finally the wait is over, now it’s available in Jakarta.

Located in Dotonbori area, Sushi Go! uses modern minimalist Japanese decor with the combination of light wooden furniture and bright yellow color accent. As you can see from picture below, a super long conveyor belt sushi is installed around the entire restaurant.

Customers can simply take any plate of sushi they want from the conveyor belt sushi or if the sushi is not available at conveyor belt, you can simply order it from the staff.

Sushi Go! offers many creations like Appetizer, Salad, Sushi, Sashimi, Gunkan, Maki, Sushi Roll, Agemono, Dessert and Drinks, all with one price, IDR 15k per plate (exclude service and tax) with FREE Ocha or Tea, Wasabi and Ginger.

With more than 110 menu creations, we certainly won’t run out of options, so many interesting creations to try such as Aburi Salmon Belly Sushi, Aburi Beef Sushi, Beef Hamburg Sushi, Salmon Sashimi, Unagi Sashimi, California Roll, Aburi Salmon Cheese Roll, Salmon Skin Fried, Greentea Cake, etc.

All of the sushi that AnakJajan tried were satisfyingly pleasant, great flavor combination and well-balanced seasoning with fresh ingredients. Out of all sushi that AnakJajan tried, there are 3 top favorite items; the classic Salmon Sashimi that was fresh and yummy, buttery smooth Aburi Salmon Sushi, and the last one the tender Aburi Beef sushi with mayo black pepper and nice torch-grilled aroma. Oishi ne!!

In terms of quality of ingredients, AnakJajan got to say that it’s decently nice, Sushi Go! uses nice quality of ingredients, only the portioning might be slightly smaller, but it’s a great fact to know that put high priority to product quality.

Overall, the sushi was enjoyable, nicely executed using fresh ingredients with reasonable portioning compared to the affordable price. It’s certainly a great place to get your sushi cravings fixed especially when you’re on budget.

Sushi Go!
PIK Avenue Mall 2nd Floor, T1A-T1B
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara
North Jakarta, 14470
Phone: (+6221) 22570245
Instagram: @sushigo_id


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