Original Molten IDR 175k Large

Say hello to one of our most favorite cheese cakes in town, Kibo Cheese Cake, the happening cheese cake brand with unique molten cheese cake product that has opened their first outlet in Dotonbori – PIK Avenue Mall, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta.

Original Molten IDR 30k Mini

Matcha Molten IDR 35k Mini

Original Molten IDR 175k Large

Original Molten IDR 175k Large

At the end of 2016, AnakJajan had an interview session with GenFM talking about the food trend in 2017, we said that Japanese cheese cake trend is going to be huge and it’s proven!! As you can see, in 2017 there are so many new shops offering cheese cake are popping out, and out of many brands, Kibo Cheese shines among others with their unique and different Molten Cheese Cake product.

Started from online, now they also have physical store in PIK Avenue mall, Kibo Cheese has been doing very well since the opening and AnakJajan got to say that it’s not just because of trend, but the mainly because of the great product.

Original Molten IDR 30k Mini

Original Molten IDR 30k Mini

For flavor, there are 2 options, Original Cheese and Matcha Molten, each cake consists of 3 layers; cheese souffle cake, molten cream cheese and buttery sponge cake. As for the size, you can get large whole cake for sharing, or Mini size for personal.

For Kibo Mini, they have Sharing Package IDR 100k for 4 pieces of Kibo Mini

Original Molten IDR 30k Mini / IDR 175k Large
The original one is certainly our favorite with the use of 5 types of cheese creating soft fluffy moist light cheese cake and creamy smooth molten filing. AnakJajan just love how well balanced the whole cake is, it has just the right level of sweetness and cheesiness, making it enjoyable till the last spoonful.

Original Molten IDR 30k Mini

Matcha Molten IDR 35k Mini/ IDR 190k Large
The Matcha Molten Cheese also turns out to be very pleasant, the subtle aroma of Japanese matcha simply complements the taste of cheese nicely.

Matcha Molten IDR 190k Large
Matcha Molten IDR 35k Mini
Matcha Molten IDR 35k Mini

Since the Molten Cheese Cake is VERY DELICATE, there are several tips that AnakJajan want to share with you for your maximum enjoyment:
1. Best way to cut Molten Cheese Cake is by using hot knife (put knife into hot water, dry it with towel, then gently slice the pre-chilled cake)
2. To enjoy the Molten Cheese Cake, let the cake sit in room temperature for 15minutes to enhance the melting texture, or reheat in microwave for 10-15 seconds.

Overall, AnakJajan personally think that Kibo’s Molten Cheese Cake is deliciously addictive!! The soft fluffy yet light texture, perfect level of sweetness and cheesiness, moist with smooth molten center, you won’t be able to stop after the first spoonful, trust us!! We have a friend who visits Kibo Cheese at least once a week, well when the product is good, it speaks for itself! 🙂

Kibo Cheese
PIK Avenue Mall – Dotonbori 2F
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara
North Jakarta, 14470
Phone: (+6221) 22512458
Instagram: @kibocheese

Online Order:
LINE@: @kibocheese (with@)
Whatsapp: +6285889993788


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