JAKARTA TO MADRID, SPAIN – Life Well Travelled Experience with CATHAY PACIFIC

Life Well Travelled with Cathay Pacific, business class flying experience from Jakarta, Indonesia to Madrid, Spain.

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Hello Sahabat Jajan, we just got back from a series of travel schedules, and as requested we’re gonna share our experiences from recent #AnakJajanSPAIN trip. Our recent trip to Spain was spectacular, the trip was one of the most memorable ones, but first we’re going to share our flying experiences from Jakarta, Indonesia to Madrid, Spain with Cathay Pacific.

DESPACITO~~ I guess many of you are familiar with this song by Luis Fonsi featuring Justin Bieber or perhaps you’re getting sick of the song already?? Just in time when the song Despacito reached popular chart in radio, AnakJajan got the chance to visit Spain fam trip arranged Cathay Pacific and Spain Tourism Board, so we downloaded the song and listened to it as our trip soundtrack hahaha 😀

Madrid, Spain is considered to be relatively new route launched by Cathay Pacific with 4 flights a week from Hong Kong to Madrid. AnakJajan started our trip by flying from Jakarta to Madrid via transit at Hong Kong International airport, it was certainly convenient with great transit time.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

When it comes to traveling, as much as we love spending our time at the destination, me and Mr. Jajan are not a big fan of the traveling process, thinking about all the hassle at the airport, the lack of sleep on the plane, the stiff neck and tired body due to lack of rest and space on the plane, we simply wish we can travel the world with Doraemon’s magic “Anywhere Door” so we can fast forward the traveling process and arrive at the destination immediately.

That’s why we’re extremely grateful that our traveling anxiety got answered with Business Class seat arranged by Cathay Pacific for the long flight. It just feels good and less anxious knowing that you will be taken care well and will be able to have a good rest from the beginning till the end.

The seat arrangement for Business Class is very spacious with direct aisle access for each seat. Equipped with privacy partition, power outlet, fluffy pillow, soft duvet, luxury amenity kit with Jurlique skincare products, adjustable seat and full flatbed, AnakJajan can tell why Cathay Pacific Business Class is an award winning quality.

AnakJajan gotta be honest that this wasn’t our first business class experience but it was certainly the most comfortable and relaxing one, we had the most restful flying experience even though we flew for around 18hours in total.

I think I had around 9 hours of quality sleep during the flight, I felt refreshed and energized when we landed at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport in the morning, both of us didn’t experience jet lag at all even though there’s 5 hours difference between Jakarta and Madrid.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

The StudioCX® in-flight entertainment system on the touchscreen TV has a wide range of options from popular TV series to the latest blockbuster movies. It certainly helps a lot in keeping me entertained during the flight.

Then for the food, it keeps coming you’ll never get a chance to feel hungry, that’s how we felt throughout the flight, from snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, we were spoiled by lots of food complemented by wide selection of wines and beverages.

The taste was pleasantly satisfying for inflight meal and the most memorable one for us would be Dimsum, imagine having siumay, hargow, lomaikai and dumpling on a plane, only in Cathay Pacific we can enjoy Dimsum as in-flight meal 😀

While waiting for our next flight during transit via HKIA, we spent our time at Cathay Pacific exclusive lounges, for Business Class there are 5 options The Wing, The Bridge, The Cabin, The Arrival and newest one The Pier with complete facility to ensure the passengers have a great resting time such as noodle bar, drink bar, massage, working desk, shower suites, relaxation suites, buffet, etc.

AnakJajan had a chance to visit 2 lounges, The Wing and The Pier. The Wing located at Terminal 1 near Gates 1 to 4 offers an expansive facilities with clean modern bright decor, our most favorite part from this lounge is the iconic white marbled Long Bar overlooking the view of airport runway.

While The Pier is by default our favorite. Located at Terminal 1 near Gate 65, the most spacious and newest lounge offers a great relaxing and cozy vibes. Equipped with comfy chairs, we have to say that design of The Pier is one of the coolest ever!! We simply love the combination of wooden accents and green plants in the lounge.

Inside The Pier you can also find Coffee Cart, Noodle Bar, Tea House and Food Hall, it’s such as great news for foodie like us 😀

One of the signature item that you have to try is their freshly made noodle at their popular Noodle Bar, both Dan Dan Noodle and Wonton Noodle are perfect to warm the body and soul while waiting for the next flight.

Overall AnakJajan gotta say that Cathay Pacific certainly lives up to their “Life Well Travelled” tagline, we had the most memorable and comfortable flying experience with Cathay Pacific Business Class, we enjoyed every single moment from beginning till the end, it’s certainly a great way to travel well. You can visit http://www.cathaypacific.com for your own “Life Well Travelled” experience. Stay tuned for the next travel post about #AnakJajanSPAIN trip!! 😉


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