Hello ice cream lovers!! Any Glico Wings ice cream fans here?! We got you an interesting info, Glico Wings is currently having a competition called #CrunchVsSauce and you can get a chance to win interesting Weekly and Grand Prizes.

#CrunchVsSauce competition starts from May to July 2017, but first before we talk more the competition, let me tell you the interesting prizes; Oppo A37 Smartphone and IDR 300k phone credit (voucher pulsa) for WEEKLY PRIZE, then Fujifilm X-A3 and 4 Flight Tickets to Bali for GRAND PRIZE, ooowwhh yeah!!

With so many interesting variety of flavor, basically we can classify Glico Wings ice cream into two main category, Crunch or Sauce, some people enjoy silky smooth sensation from #GlicoWingsSauce, while some people prefer crunchy sensation from #GlicoWingsCrunch

While for myself, I’m totally Team Crunch!! Jcone Pari Pari Vanilla #GlicoWingsCrunch is one of my favorites. Do you know what makes Jcone Pari Pari Vanilla special compared to other cone type ice cream? Well, because it doesn’t only have vanilla ice cream inside, but it also has their special PARI PARI LAYERS or thin chocolate layers that are very delightful, each bite gives you crunchy texture sensation and that makes it fun to eat from the beginning till the end. We’re gonna talk more about the ice cream on the next post, meanwhile how about you? Have you tried both #GlicoWingsCrunch and #GlicoWingsSauce ice cream? Which one is your favorite?😉

To join the competition, simply follow steps below:
1. Buy Glico Wings icecream
2. Post photo/ video of you enjoying Glico Wings icecream
3. Don’t forget to write the reason why you choose Sauce or Crunch icecream
4. Follow IG @glico.wings, mention, and tag your favorite friend/ KOL with hashtag #CrunchVsSauce and #GlicoWingsCrunch or #GlicoWingsSauce

Easy peasy right?! Gogogooo hurry up, go get your favorite Glico Wings ice cream, get a chance to win one of the interesting prizes, we wish you all best of luck!!😉

The competition has started where weekly winners will be chosen started from 18th June 2017 and will be announced at @glico.wings instagram every week, while for Grand Prize, the winner will be announced at the end of July 2017, SO DON’T MISS IT!!

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