Introducing Samasta Lifestyle Village in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia, a new concept by Summarecon group that offers one stop destination for food, lifestyle and entertainment.

Holiday season is coming!! There’s no longer a secret that Bali is one of the most popular destinations for holiday in Indonesia, I guess many of you are planning to visit Bali very soon right?? Well, just in time we got you a new recommendation, Samasta Lifestyle Village 😉

If you follow our Instagram Stories, recently AnakJajan visited Samasta for a quick break. I remember it clearly last year when we visited Bali, lots of locals are highly anticipating the opening of Samasta Lifestyle Village, the unique and different concept is totally an exciting addition that Bali especially Jimbaran area needs.

Located strategically at Wanagiri street, Jimbaran, South Kuta, strolling around Samasta is an entertainment in itself since Samasta incorporates tropical design with open air concept with lots of instagrammable spots. If you ask us when is the best time to visit Bali, we would say in between June to August, the sun still shines bright but you get the cool breeze of air thanks to the winter season in Australia.

Where to stay??
As we said earlier, it’s a one stop destination, Samasta offers 5-star resort, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali.
The family friendly resort has one of the biggest swimming pools in town. We had an amazing stay there, great hospitality, uber comfy bed, nice breakfast selection, we’re gonna miss the super fluffy pillow there.

Where to shop??
You can find one of the most popular shops in Bali for souvenir shopping, Krisna in Samasta is their first premium outlet, in terms of pricing it is just the same with other outlet, only they have a few selection of premium products that other outlets don’t have.

For grocery shopping, Sereh Gourmet Market is one of the supermarkets in Bali that has the most comprehensive selection. For other lifestyle needs, you can find Asamula, Periplus, and STAR by The Beach.

Summer hat – STAR by The Beach

What to eat??
When it comes to eating option, Samasta offers interesting F&B options from traditional Balinese to western, main course till dessert, sweet to savory, they have it all here: Warung Simpang 5, Pat Bing Soo, Noh! By Pison, Wild Grass Bar & Grill, Basé Basé Balinese Kitchen Heritage, Gaya Gelato, The Barrels Beer Place and Tapaz, Buns & Meat Best Pork Place in Town, Chir Chir Korean Fusion Chicken Specialist, Waroeng WAHAHA, Tanamera Coffee, Fish & Co, Above Eleven, and Mövenpick Café.

Here are some of the food that AnakJajan tried during our visit:
Chir Chir Korean Fusion Chicken Specialist
One of our most favorite places for Korean fried chicken in Indonesia has opened an outlet in Samasta Bali. Their Korean fried chicken is still one of the best with great golden crispy outer and juicy tender meat.
You’re looking at one of the signature dishes, Nest Snow IDR 159k consists of cajun chicken tenders with cream sauce, potato mash, whipped cream and grated cheese.

Nest Snow IDR 159k
Nest Snow IDR 159k

Wild Grass Bar & Grill
Runs by Altima Group, Wild Grass Bar & Grill offers wide variety of mainly western dishes such as pasta, pizza, burger, steak, sandwich, etc. Major love for the decor here, each corner is just sooo instagrammable.

Double Cooked Duck Leg IDR 75k

AnakJajan tried several dishes; Truffle Cream Mussels IDR 89k, Double Cooked Duck Leg IDR 75k, Asian Style Grilled Tofu Salad IDR 59k, Pop Booster Mocktail IDR 35k, BBC Mocktail IDR 35k, and Chilled Passion Fruit Cheese Cake IDR 59k, all of them were pleasantly delicious, but our most favorite one would be the aromatic Truffle Cream Mussels.

Chilled Passion Fruit Cheese Cake IDR 59k

Basé Basé Balinese Kitchen Heritage
As the name suggests, Basé Basé serves traditional Balinese dishes in reasonable price. AnakJajan had Nasi Campur Babi Bali IDR 60k and Tipat Blayag IDR 50k, both dishes were equally satisfying and have successfully fixed our cravings for Balinese food.

Pat Bing Soo
The cold icy shaved ice desserts or Bingsoo at Pat Bing Soo Korean Dessert House is simply a perfect remedy for hot sunny weather in Bali.

Bibim Patbingsoo IDR 48k
Euljiro Bingsoo IDR 48k,
Guri Bingsoo IDR 45k

Waroeng WAHAHA
To satisfy meat cravings, Samasta has Waroeng WAHAHA specializes in Pork BBQ dishes.

Wahaha Pork Ribs IDR 160k
Sate Babi Wahaha IDR 58k

Above Eleven
For afternoon chill, Above Eleven rooftop bar and restaurant has the best view for sunset.

Pisco Sour IDR 180k, Akiko Fernandez IDR 180
Arroz Con Mariscos IDR 125k

Warung Simpang 5
If you need more option for food in one place, Warung Simpang 5 food court has gotta be the right choice, the tenants are nicely curated with tasty dishes and affordable price, our most favorite tenant would be the MG Express, the thin springy noodle is irresistible.

Bakso Keju IDR 20k – Buka Baju
Paket Betutu 1/2ekor IDR 65k – Men Tempeh
Fresh Fruits & Juice – Sereh
Pastry – Sereh
Otak-Otak IDR 3k, Bakso Ikan IDR 8k, Hipia Ikan IDR 14k, Ngohiang IDR 14k, Gorengan Udang IDR 18k – Tanjung Pinang

Sate Plecing IDR 25k, Sate Babi Special IDR 25k – Wr. Sate Bonbon
Bakmi Special IDR 30k – MG Express

Tanamera Coffee
With interesting selection of local Indonesian beans, Tanamera is undoubtedly one of the best spots for coffee in Indonesia. Their coffee never fails to impress.

Noh! By Pison
Another option for coffee is Noh! By Pison. Besides coffee, their Mocha Latte is one of the best I’ve ever had recently.

The Barrels Beer Place and Tapaz
Well, as you can tell from the pictures above, we ATE A LOT in Samasta! 😀 But our most favorite place has got to be The Barrels Beer Place and Tapaz by Javanegra, their Spanish dishes were satisfying, full of flavors and nicely executed with good choice of ingredients. It’s very yummy it brings back the good memories we had in Spain.

Grilled Wagyu Flank Steak IDR 150k

Tagliatelle with Parmigiano IDR 60k
Pinchos de Pollo ala Plancha (Grilled Chicken Shaslik) IDR 95k

By the way, Samasta is having “SAMASTA SHOP & WIN” program where they give 1 NIGHT FREE STAY to 1 lucky winner EVERYDAY! Yupss, everyday they will pick 1 lucky winner! Check for more info.

What to do??
Besides eating and shopping, you can get yourself entertained at physical adventure game, House of Trap, or maybe getting pedicure/ manicure at Nail Story.

You can also join Salsa night at Sereh Gourmet Supermarket every Saturday. Art performances such as Traditional Balinese Dance or Acoustic Live Music are also scheduled regularly at the fountain area. You can check @samastabali instagram for more updates about the performances.

How to go there??
Located approximately around 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Samasta is easy to reach. Besides personal transportation, Samasta is also can be reached with Kura-Kura Bus, a public shuttle bus that connects popular tourist spots in Bali, such as Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, South Nusa Dua, Ubud, etc.

Overall, with so many interesting destinations to choose in Bali, the newly opened Samasta is certainly an exciting addition to the tourism scene in Bali especially in Jimbaran area. If you’re planning to go to Bali, put this place in your itinerary and you’ll thank me later 😀 HAPPY HOLIDAY!!

Samasta Lifestyle Village
Jl. Wanagiri, jimbaran – Bali
Phone: +623614468600
Instagram: @samastabali


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