MONSTER SEAFOOD – Ancol Beach City Mall

Seafood Boiled IDR 235k (Medium)

Introducing new seafood restaurant in Ancol area, Monster Seafood located in Ancol Beach City Mall.

Kepiting Bakar Daun Jumbo IDR 375k

As the name suggest, Monster Seafood is a seafood specialty restaurant. It is located in Ancol Beach City Mall LG floor with 2 separated areas, indoor and outdoor. Our favorite spot is certainly the outdoor table, you’ll get sea breeze to complete the seafood dining experience. One major thing that we love from this restaurant is the Fixed Price per portion.

Normally seafood restaurant will charge their seafood based on the market price and then the price and portion of the food will be based on the size of seafood available, so you’ll have to guess how much your order will cost. Luckily here in Monster Seafood, the seafood menu has Fixed Price per portion, that’s one of the major things that we love from this restaurant.

Here in Monster Seafood, you can find wide range of Fresh & Live seafood selection from fish, clam, shrimp, squid, crab, and other dishes to complete the meal such as vegetables, noodles, rice, fried tofu, etc with price ranging from IDR 5k to IDR 35k for drink and IDR 10k to IDR 550k for food.

Cumi Calamari IDR 37k

Another interesting thing is the restaurant has lots of promo, first is selfie promo:
– Enjoy 10% discount for dine-in simply by upload your moment in Monster Seafood at your social media, put #MonsterSeafood #PromoSelfie hashtags and tag @monsterseafoodjkt

Other than that, they also have various daily promos valid everyday except public holiday:
– 50% for selected items (Monday: Crab, Tuesday: Fish, Wednesday: Shrimp, Thursday: Squid, Friday: Clam, Saturday & Sunday: Vegetables)
– IDR 50k voucher for every IDR 500k of transaction
– Free Ancol Entrance Ticket (10 tickets for group reservation for minimum IDR 1.5mio transaction)
– 10% discount for food only; for birthday valid a week before and after
– 10% discount for food only for Ancol Barat, Ancol Timur, and Apartemen Marina Ancol residents
– 10% discount for food only for member of Monster Seafood
– 10% discount for food only for community of more than 20 people
– Monthly name card lucky draw for Free Boiled Seafood menu

Seafood Boiled IDR 235k (Medium)
One word, GIGANTIC!! Eventhough we ordered the medium portion, it still came in huge portion. The large platter of seafood has a bit of everything, crab, shrimp, squid, clam, potato, and corn cooked in their signature “boiled” seasoning.

Seafood Boiled IDR 235k (Medium)

Seafood Boiled IDR 235k (Medium)

Seafood Boiled IDR 235k (Medium)

Es Coklat IDR 20k

Es Coklat IDR 20k

Kerapu (Live) Saus Monster IDR 175k
This is their newest menu, live Kerapu fish steamed with special Monster sauce. The fish was very meaty yet sooo tender and soft, it just goes perfectly with flavorful rich sauce. The sauce has a distinctive unique taste and aroma, it’s spicy, savory, and tangy with amazing aroma thanks to the use of “Kecombrang” flower. Must try!!

Kerapu (Live) Saus Monster IDR 175k

Kerapu (Live) Saus Monster IDR 175k

Udang Papua Tiger BBQ IDR 65k // Saus Lemon IDR 65k
The fresh and huge Papua Tiger Shrimp is available in 3 types, BBQ, Saus Mentega, and Saus Lemon. The lemon sauce version is deep fried till golden crispy on the outside then drizzled with sweet and sour zesty lemon sauce. It was enjoyable but our favorite has gotta be the BBQ version.

Saus Lemon IDR 65k

For BBQ shrimp, the seasoning is more like Indonesian style BBQ with interesting flavors, it was savory with subtle sweet taste and amazing smoky grilled aroma. Shrimp itself was satisfying as well, huge, meaty and fresh.

Udang Papua Tiger BBQ IDR 65k

Cumi Calamari IDR 37k
The deep fried squid is battered with Japanese style panko breadcrumb for extra crispy sensation, served with mayonnaise and spicy mayonnaise.

Cumi Calamari IDR 37k

Buncis Ebi IDR 20k
Simple yet satisfying dish, sauteed string beans with tomato, onion and dried shrimp. It was totally worth the price, IDR 20k for a portion of this green yummy goodness, veggies were nicely cooked and still crunchy but seasoned nicely, savory and aromatic.

Buncis Ebi IDR 20k

Kepiting Bakar Daun Jumbo IDR 375k
Here it is our most favorite dish, crab with special seasoning wrapped in banana leaves and then baked. Specially for crab, here in Monster Seafood they have Regular Crab IDR 175k and Jumbo Crab IDR 375k.

Kepiting Bakar Daun Jumbo IDR 375k

Since we’re a huge fan of crab, we had the jumbo one of course and it was totally a great decision. The seasoning plays a major role in this dish, it has a rich and deep taste from the use of many spices then the aroma of grilled banana leaves just make the crab even more appetizing. Fingers licking good!!

Kepiting Bakar Daun Jumbo IDR 375k

Overall, Monster Seafood offers great options of menu with fresh & live seafood and reasonable pricing, it is certainly great to have a new and fresh dining option in Ancol area like this.

Monster Seafood
Ancol Beach City Mall LG-12
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
North Jakarta
Phone: +6221-29388099 / 29388098
Instagram: @monsterseafoodjkt

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