WARTEG GANG MANGGA (24 hours) – Jakarta

After all the modern cafe or restaurant food, sometimes we just crave for simple humble traditional dishes, AnakJajan believe many of you Sahabat Jajan has the same thought so we got you a yummy affordable recommendation worth visiting, Warteg Gang Mangga at Kemurnian V street. The humble eatery is open 24 hours a day.

We know there are so many humble eatery in town that are worth sharing, not only new modern cafe or restaurant, it’s not that we never want to eat and post about it, we eat at places like this ALL THE TIME, it’s just sometimes it’s NOT convenient to take picture at places like this especially at street food stall with tight small space and intimidating street buskers, we always ended up enjoying the food without taking picture of it.

Luckily the place and situation in Warteg Gang Mangga is accommodating enough for us to take a quick picture of our food to share with you, but we were not save from everyone’s long “kepo” stares when we took some quick snaps and trust me it’s uncomfortable🙄😅

The humble eatery is surprisingly spacious and bright enough. It’s considerably clean and comfortable enough for a “warteg” level. It was super packed with customers during our visit on dinner time, many customers ordered take out as well.

As you step inside Warteg Gang Mangga, you will be welcomed by extensive range of dishes and everything looks inviting! From rendang, jengkol, orek tempe, cah kangkung, sambal petai, etc, you will want to get everything.

Ordering system is pretty basic with traditional “touch screen” system😂 Simply point your finger to the desired dish and the waiter will put it on your plate. Then after finishing you meal, head toward to the cashier and mention all items you had, the cashier will calculate the total.

This huge mountain of dishes isn’t ours, it’s our friend’s🙄😂

Me and Mr. Jajan always ended up “kalap” at places like this, that explains the amount of items we ordered, oopsieeee😁 All of our orders were yummy, nicely executed with great seasoning, but the highlights would be the Orek Tempe Basah, Ayam Kecap, and Telur Dadar, MUST HAVE!

Kentang Balado, Ayam Kecap, Orek Basah, Ikan Garing Sambal, Telor Dadar IDR 33k

Perkedel, Cah Kangkung, Terong Balado, Orek Kering, Ayam Goreng Serudeng IDR 29k

Overall, great selection of dishes, open for 24 hours, Warteg Gang Mangga has officially become our favorite “warteg” in town!

Warteg Gang Mangga
Jl. Kemurnian V No. 1D
West Jakarta, 11120
Phone: +6221-6342962


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