MOMOIRO BAKES – Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta

PILLOW CAKE/ CASTELLA CRAZE has entered Jakarta food scene finally!! Well most of the people in other countries like Korea, Taiwan, etc call it Castella Cake but Momoiro Bakes the one who brought this trend to Jakarta calls it Pillow Cake. It’s located in Kota Kasablanka Level LG.

Original with Custard filling IDR 55k

You can easily spot the shop from its catchy neon sign, it’s located near Marugame Udon. Since the cake is freshly baked daily, the queue can be quite long, so we suggest you to call and book first, the staff will tell you when your order is ready to be picked up.

Talking about the flavor, based on the menu display, there are 6 options; Original with Custard filling IDR 55k, Chizu (cheese) IDR 65k, Choko B (chocolate banana) IDR 65k, Pandan with srikaya filling IDR 55k, Pumpkin IDR 65k, Tori (chicken floss) IDR 55k.

AnakJajan visited the store on weekend, it wasn’t too crowded but there were a few of customers waiting for their cake, we had to wait for the cake to be cooked for 30mins but the waiting process was fun though, we can see the staff making the cake from the open kitchen, the slicing process is fun to watch, you can see the jiggly fluffy texture.

Original with Custard filling IDR 55k

Pandan Srikaya

Original with Custard filling IDR 55k
During our visit, AnakJajan tried two flavors; Original with Custard filling and Tori or Chicken Floss. For the original one with custard filling, we thought that we’ll get the cake filled with custard but apparently they pack the custard filling SEPARATELY, so you have to cut the cake at home and pipe the filling by yourself.

Original with Custard filling IDR 55k

The cake itself was extremely light fluffy yet moist with just the right level of sweetness, but the custard filling was a bit confusing, it was just creamy and milky it didn’t complement the taste of cake for us personally.

Original with Custard filling IDR 55k

Original with Custard filling IDR 55k

Tori (chicken floss) IDR 55k
Luckily this one was yummeh! They mix the chicken floss into the cake batter and then sprinkle it with lots of chicken floss. Our friend said that the taste reminds her of “kerak telor” (in a good way) from the eggy aroma of cake and shallot from the chicken floss.

Chizum, Tori (chicken floss)

Tori (chicken floss) IDR 55k

The subtle sweet taste goes really well with savory chicken floss, sweet and savory in a very light fluffy cake. Nice one!

Overall, personally we feel that Momoiro’s Pillow Cake is nice, not overly sweet, uber fluffy and moist as well, it can be a great companion for a cup of tea or coffee, but will we crave for it? We’re not sure yet, perhaps we should try other flavors.🤔

Momoiro Bakes
Kota Kasablanka Level LG Unit IU L5B
Jl. Casablanca No.88
South Jakarta, 12960
Phone: +622129488709
Instagram: @momoirobakes


2 thoughts on “MOMOIRO BAKES – Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta”

  1. Totally agree with you in taste. Just ordinary but it is not something i will crave for.
    It is fun to see its wiggling upon cutting and that’s about it.
    I tried the ori and pandan kaya, still prefer Cemilan sore one LoL.

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