Truffle Donabe Gohan IDR 320k

Japanese cuisine with a touch of French, introducing the new and exciting addition to Jakarta’s restaurant scene, Momozen at The Plaza – Plaza Indonesia.

Yuba Frog IDR 80k

Japanese with twist of French cuisine is certainly an interesting and different concept that Chef Sho Naganuma brought to Jakarta’s food scene.

Black Truffle Somen With Caviar IDR 80k

Momozen is located just at the same level with the sister restaurant Shabu Gen at 46th floor or The Plaza Office Tower. You’ll get a nice and clear city views from 46th floor to accompany your meal.

Judging from the lush fancy venue and premium ingredients, to our surprise the pricing is considerably reasonable, in fact it’s way more reasonable than our expectation with price ranging from IDR 50k to IDR 480k but you will find most of the menu ranging around IDR 60k to IDR 120k, here are some of the must try items:

To-Morokoshi Soup IDR 80k
As starter, AnakJajan had the corn soup with grilled corn, nori powder and charred cauliflower. It was just perfect, creamy smooth with subtle sweet taste and grilled aroma.
Me and Mr. Jajan are starting to get obsessed with cauliflower these past months, since we’ve encountered many dishes that use cauliflower in creative way, who knows a simple vegetable like that can taste surprisingly sooo good if processed nicely.

To-Morokoshi Soup IDR 80k

Hokkaido Hotate Carpaccio IDR 160k

Hokkaido Hotate Carpaccio IDR 160k

Yuba Frog IDR 80k
This has gotta be the most beautiful frog dish ever! The deep fried frog leg is just wonderfully exquisite, tender well seasoned on the inside while crispy on the outside with black mayonnaise, garlic puree, and spinach coulis for extra flavor kick.

Yuba Frog IDR 80k

Black Truffle Somen With Caviar IDR 80k
Double thumbs up for this dish, chilled Japanese somen with truffle kombu and caviar. The seasoning just flawlessly hits the spot, tangy and refreshing with tantalizing aroma of truffle.

Black Truffle Somen With Caviar IDR 80k

Truffle Donabe Gohan IDR 320k
This is it! The main reason to visit Momozen, rice cooked in Japanese claypot with truffle oil and freshly shaved black truffle. Each portion is perfect for sharing for two person, the proportion of seasoning is just right on, savory comforting with amazing fragrance of truffle in each spoonful. To make sure the rice is fully seasoned and fluffy, they soak the rice with broth for at least 12 hours if I’m not mistaken, that explains the savory taste of umami in each grain of rice. MUST TRY!

Truffle Donabe Gohan IDR 320k

Truffle Donabe Gohan IDR 320k

Truffle Donabe Gohan IDR 320k

Well, AnakJajan gotta say that our lunch at Momozen was undoubtedly one of THE BEST lunches we’ve had in 2017, great and unique creation, amazing flavor, reasonable price as well. It’s certainly the IT place to go if you love Japanese dishes with twist of French cuisine.

The Plaza Office Tower 46th Floor
Jl.MH Thamrin Kav.28-30
Phone: +622129922246
Instagram: @momozenid
Opening Hours: 12.00-14.30, 18.00-22.30


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