Who’s agree that good food can put you in a good mood? Out of many Nasi Campur or Chinese mixed rice out there, Pontianak style has a special place in our tummies, in fact it’s one of our most favorite food in Pontianak and recently me and Mr. Jajan were just happy to have our cravings fixed with Nasi Campur Akwang, yes you read it right, Nasi Akwang from Pontianak is now open in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

Out of many Nasi Campur places in Pontianak, there are 2 of our favorite and legendary shops in Pontianak; Nasi Akwang and Asan 333. Asan 333 has 2 outlets in Sunter, Jakarta and Gading Serpong, Tangerang but Nasi Akwang certainly won us over since the restaurant in Kelapa Gading area is situated in spacious cozy air conditioned place resulting a more comfortable eating experience.

Es Jeruk Kecil/ Son Kit IDR 14k
For drink, AnakJajan highly recommend you to try the iced Son Kit, basically it’s like iced lemonade, but instead of lemon they use special Pontianak’s lime with AMAZING tangy citrus taste. It’s perfect refreshment for Jakarta’s hot weather.

Es Jeruk Kecil/ Son Kit IDR 14k

Nasi Campur Special IDR 68k
Normal portion of Nasi Campur is priced at IDR 48k or IDR 36k for small one, but since me and Mr. Jajan were very hungry, we opted for the special one with extra toppings (read: “kalap”😆)

Nasi Campur Special IDR 68k

Nasi Campur Special IDR 68k

Just a quick info, Nasi Akwang serves Pontianak style mixed rice consisting of rice, pork sausage, charsiu, roasted pork, soy-marinated hard-boiled egg, pickled mustard greens, cucumber, roasted chicken and then drizzled with thick savory broth, it’s heavenly for pork lovers.

In each spoonful, you’ll get a nice sweet meaty taste from pork sausage, meaty tender roasted pork, salty taste from the pickled mustard greens, fresh sensation from cucumber slices, etc, ahhh every ingredients were just complementing each other wonderfully, and the thick savory broth that is full of umami just brings everything into one harmonious mix. Don’t forget to add their signature green chili sauce for extra flavor kick.

Nasi Tim Special IDR 73k
Here it is one special menu that you can find only in Nasi Akwang, that is Nasi Tim Campur. At glance it looks like regular Nasi Campur but instead of white rice, they use steamed chicken rice. Again, since we were in hungry mode, we opted for special Nasi Tim with extra toppings, you can get the normal one for IDR 53k.

Nasi Tim Special IDR 73k

Inside the rice you’ll find a piece of chicken hidden nicely, in overall it has the same sensation with Nasi Campur but the rice has a different texture (in a good way), you can get a great umami taste of chicken on each grain of rice and it makes it even more special than regular Nasi Campur. SERIOUSLY MUST TRY!!

Nasi Tim Special IDR 73k

Nasi Tim Special IDR 73k

Well, as always Nasi Akwang never fails to satisfy, it’s legit delicious. Give it a try, we’re totally sure you’ll love it!

Nasi Akwang
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok L No.6
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, 14240
Opening Hours: +628998996188
Instagram: @nasiakwang


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