Trick or treat?!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Let’s take a look at Halloween festival, parade, or celebration in Tokyo, Japan.

Check VLOG above ↑↑↑↑ for closer look at the festive event.

Talking about Halloween, it’s all about costume play and which country do you think is the best when it comes to costume play? Well, AnakJajan think we all can easily agree that Japanese cosplay game is strong!!

Last year me and Mr. Jajan had a chance to be in Tokyo during Halloween and it was the first time we spent Halloween with such as festive celebration.

First of all, all of the stores, cafes, and restaurants have their own unique Halloween decoration, then the limited edition Halloween products are also fun to have for example there were Halloween edition Choco Fries with purple sweet potato and dark choco sauce at McDonald and we had to try it.

When Halloween is coming, you can expect festive celebration and parade on the street of Tokyo, usually there are several main celebration & parade in town on day and night.

AnakJajan visited 2 of several main events on Halloween day, first was Halloween Pumpkin Parade at Harajuku-Omotesando during the day and also on-street Halloween celebration at Shibuya during the night.

Halloween Pumpkin Parade during the day is more for family event, it’s a super well organized parade with parents and children as participants.

The whole street will be closed and the parade took place on the street with parents and children walking in the parade while wearing costume.

With numerous participants, it’s super fun to watch especially when they come out in unique or creative costumes.

Our most favorite one would be Nobita, the mom did an amazing job in transforming his little boy into Nobita Kun, he looks exactly like him with propeller, yellow shirt, and even test paper with 0 result. Kawaii!!

During the night, the festivity continues at Shibuya, during the night they will close the street from vehicle so everyone can walk freely on the street.

Even the Hachiko statue itself was ready for Halloween with Halloween theme hat.

Since the festive celebration give everyone a huge reason to dress up, it would be more awesome if you’re coming in costume as well.

The halloween celebration in Shibuya is more for adult, it’s very crowded but not chaotic so don’t worry, you can just walk calmly without being bumped into people.

People will walk around in costume, meeting other people and take picture together. When you aim your camera or ask them for picture together, they will immediately pose for you happily.

We saw lots of Japanese came in group costume too, for example a group of Chinese Vampire, instead of walking they will jump all the time to make it even more convincing.

Then there were Poop group with all the members dressed up in Poop Costume including Dirty Toilet Seat, costume game is indeed strong in Japan!!

Overall, Japan is not only fun to be there on certain season, but also fun on certain festivals for example Halloween Festival. Besides the two main events we shared above, there are tons of other public and private Halloween party or celebration too. It’s certainly one of a kind fun experience to get when visiting Tokyo.

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