ROTI NOGAT – Pasmod BSD & Pasar 8 Alam Sutera, Tangerang

Offering classic homemade items, Kedai Roti Nogat is a humble stall located in Pasmod BSD & Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera that will definitely please both coffee and bread lovers.

Roti Nogat IDR 24k (full)

Roti Milo IDR 12k (quarter 1/4)

Previously RotiTiam, now Kedai Roti Nogat has 3 outlets at BSD and Alam Sutera areas. As the name suggests, homemade wheat bread is their specialty and there are 6 options of bread; Nogat, Meijes, Srikaya, Milo, Kombinasi, and Telur Kornet available in quarter, half, or full loaf. Aside from bread, Roti Nogat offers other items as well such as Nasi Perang, Half boiled egg, coffee, etc, all in relatively affordable price ranging from IDR 6k to 28k.

Seeing the hype on social media, AnakJajan have been wanting to try it for a while only we were too lazy to drive early to BSD area, luckily they’ve recently opened another new outlet in Pasar 8 Alam Sutera precisely at Pintu Selatan 4, the shop has 2 floors with air-conditioned seating area on the second floor.

Roti Nogat IDR 24k (full)

Kopi Hitam IDR 16k // Kopi Moka IDR 18k
The hot coffee mocha drink was surprisingly very pleasant. Well balance and nice consistency with just the perfect level of sweetness. Loved it!

Kopi Moka IDR 18k

Es Pokat IDR 20k
The avocado juice has a nice classic taste, it was nice but we prefer less sugar and more chocolate condensed milk.

Es Pokat IDR 20k

Telur 1/2 Matang IDR 10k
The soft boiled egg is served with soy sauce and pepper. It was simple but yummy just the way I expected.

Telur 1/2 Matang IDR 10k

Roti Nogat IDR 12k (quarter 1/4), IDR 16k (half 1/2), IDR 24k (full)
Here it is the most signature item! Homemade wheat bread with generous spread of mocha butter cream made from Bajawa Flores Coffee and crushed caramelized peanut. The bread is available in 3 portion options, since we were hungry and greedy, we opted for full loaf.

Well, nothing beats the smell of freshly toasted bread, it’s just fantastic! The bread has all typical wheat bread characteristic, less soft and less moist but fluffy, it has its own charm but certainly not for everyone. The use of mocha butter cream plays a major role in making the bread not too dry. Try dipping the bread into the coffee for different eating sensation.

Roti Nogat IDR 24k (full)

Roti Nogat IDR 24k (full)

Roti Milo IDR 12k (quarter 1/4), IDR 16k (half 1/2), IDR 24k (full)
Upon ordering, they will toast the bread immediately and add the desired toppings. Milo lovers are going to love this. Just look at the generous amount of Milo! It was nice but a bit too dry since they only put little amount of condensed milk.

Roti Milo IDR 12k (quarter 1/4)

Roti Milo IDR 12k (quarter 1/4)

Roti Celup Keju IDR 16k
They also serves bread with homemade cheese sauce. The cheese sauce has savory taste and thick consistency, it was decent but less memorable.

Roti Celup Keju IDR 16k

Overall, fluffy homemade wheat bread with classic all-time favorite taste along with coffee in affordable price, AnakJajan can totally see why it has become so popular. Have you tried it?

Kedai Roti Nogat
Instagram: @rotinogat

Pasar 8 Alam Sutera Pintu Selatan 4

Pasmod BSD Pintu Barat R15
Mon-Fri 07.00-15.00
Sat-Sun 07.00-15.00 & 18.00-21.00

Jl. Cemara Raya (Take Away Only)

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