Heyho Sahabat Jajan. Have you visited Genting Highlands in Malaysia? Recently AnakJajan had a quick getaway to Resorts World Genting and as requested here’s the complete travel guide of it. This is going to be a long blog post with detailed info about how to go to Resorts World Genting, what to do there, where to eat, where to stay, etc.

It has been a while since the last time AnakJajan visited Resorts World Genting and sooo many things have changed in a good way, we can say that Resorts World Genting has become more and more interesting.

Out of many things, AnakJajan always LOVEEEE the cool breeze in Resorts World Genting, it gives us relaxed holiday vibes. With temperature averaging between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius, Resorts World Genting is just a nice place to escape from busy city life.

Resorts World Genting is located approximately two hours of driving from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Basically there are several transportation options to choose such as Express Bus by Aerobus, it costs RM35(adult) & RM25 (Child) from KLIA/ KLIA2 to Genting Highlands (Awana). For more options, you can check following link https://www.rwgenting.com/getting-here/

When it comes to accommodation, visitors certainly are spoiled with choice since Resorts World Genting boasts six hotels where each hotel has its own unique features and characteristics.

First World Hotel
One of the most famous hotels that happens to be World’s Largest Hotel, First World Hotel has total of 7,351 rooms with some of the rooms at Tower Three has been renovated with more trendy and modern concept. Since it’s sooo huge, they even have their own Self Check-in Kiosk machines to speed up the check-in process.

self check-in kiosk

Theme Park Hotel
The hotel we stayed is the newest one called Theme Park Hotel, the boutique hotel is strategically located at the doorsteps of the opening soon Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park.

The room is simple and minimalistic with homey vibes. They decorate the wall with cute drawings which AnakJajan find very genius for making the room very instagrammable.

AnakJajan stayed in the Quads Room with two queen-sized beds that are comfortable, it’s huge enough to accomodate up to 4 people. We also had a chance to check The Sixers Room that has three queen-sized beds, it’s surely suitable for larger group of friends or family.

AnakJajan received so many question regarding to the theme park, well Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park is currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2018, all AnakJajan can tell is that it’s going to AWESOME!!

Theme park under construction

Buildings within Resorts World Genting are connected to each other so you can basically walk around and visit all places on foot conveniently for example Sky Avenue Mall is located around 5 minutes on foot from Theme Park Hotel.

Sky Avenue is a newly opened lifestyle mall in Resorts World Genting and for us personally it’s one of the major point of interests there. Both for shopping and dining, AnakJajan personally find the tenants in Sky Avenue are well curated.

There are several instagrammable spots that are worth checking out just like the X shaped escalator, the frangipani shaped restaurant called Cafés Richard, the rooftop area, etc.

Decorated with LED display, the design does have Time Square vibes which is totally an eye candy. Out of all, our most favorite part of the mall is the SkySymphony show on Level 1 which is visually SPECTACULAR!!

SkySymphony is basically a show that combines audio, visual and kinetic winch technology with kinetic balls and LED screens which makes it the world’s first electronic art installation.

At this moment there are three different shows Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess. AnakJajan personally find the harmonious combination between LED screens, colorful kinetic balls and music is very pleasing to watch, fortunately we had the opportunity to watch all three shows.

Mall visitors can enjoy the show for free every 2 hours intervals from 10.00 to 18.00, and then it will be played hourly from 18.00 until midnight.

Awana SkyWay offers an easier and more convenient way for visitors to reach Resorts World Genting. It takes approximately 10 minutes of ride from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Station, visitors can easily park their cars further down the mountain and take Awana SkyWay up to the top.

Other than being an effective transportation, the gondola offers a nice experience as well, the green mountainous views from inside gondolas are just too picturesque. Out of 99 gondolas, 10 gondolas have glass floors which makes it more fun since we get to enjoy unobstructed views of the surroundings. The price for gondola ride is RM8 per person for standard gondola or RM50 for glass-floor gondola.

Now this is our most favorite part, FOOD!! One thing we can assure is that you will not run out of options of food in Resorts World Genting. From traditional Malaysian food till top restaurant brands from around the world, you can find it all here!


SkyAvenue Mall is by default our favorite place since it boasts 70 food and beverage outlets across five floors. Here are some of the scrumptious restaurants or eating places across Resorts World Genting that we’ve visited:

Resort Seafood Steamboat, Resort Hotel Level 1
The cool breeze in Resorts World Genting totally calls for hot soupy dinner and steamboat in Resort Seafood Steamboat restaurant is surely satisfying. AnakJajan had steamboat with half spicy tom yam and chicken herb soup, both soup were nicely seasoned and well-balanced, the ingredients were fresh as well with tons of condiments available.

Bubbles & Bites, Maxims Level 2
Bubbles & Bites offers wide range of western food in casual eating ambiance. You can find various comfort and simple dishes such as pasta, burger, salad, etc.

Food Factory, First World Plaza Level 3
Resorts World Genting has several buffet restaurants and one of it is Food Factory that opens for breakfast from 06.00 to 11.00.
It offers decent tasting breakfast dishes of West Asian, East Asian, and Western breakfast delights and it costs RM31 for adult and RM16 for children.

Cafes Richard, Sky Avenue Mall Level 1
Offering authentic French cuisine, you can easily spot Cafes Richard by its signature frangipani flower shaped cafe layout. The cafe has a very nice and cozy vibes with classy Parisian-style which we love.

Malaysian Food Street, Sky Avenue Mall Level 4
It’s basically a large foodcourt with 20 stalls offering popular hawker food such as Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh, etc. To make the eating experience more fun, they even decorated the whole foodcourt with oldschool nostalgic theme.

Street Churros, Sky Avenue Mall Level 1
All the way from Korea, their Churros is still one of the best we’ve ever had! Must try!

Gindaco Takoyaki, Sky Avenue Mall Level 1
We can’t be more happier to find our MOST FAVORITE TAKOYAKI in Resorts World Genting. Even though our tummies were full after dinner, we just can’t help ourselves from having it.

Tokyo Secret, Sky Avenue Mall Level 1
Cheese tea trend apparently has entered Genting as well. You can find the unique combination of tea drink with light cheesy cream at Tokyo Secret.

Motorino, Sky Avenue Mall Level 1
From Brooklyn, New York, Malaysia’s first Motorino outlet can be found in Sky Avenue Mall level 1. Freshly baked in wood fire, their pizza is seriously worth trying!

La Fiesta, Sky Avenue Mall Level 1
Our last dinner was lovely Spanish food from the newly opened La Fiesta. The restaurant vibes totally brings out our good memories from our previous trip to Spain. AnakJajan tried a few Tapas, Iberico Cold Cuts and Paellas and we gotta say that the food is legit good with authentic taste. Lots of love for the Black Seafood Paella!

If you’re interesting in knowing the history and success story of Resorts World Genting, don’t forget to check this place out as guided tour is available in English, Chinese or Malay.

The are many activities to choose for anyone who visits Resorts World Genting, for art and culture enthusiast they have SeniKome Péng Hēng, East Coast Arts & Cultural Centre on level 3 of First World Plaza. It’s a nice place to see and learn more about the art and cultural essences from East Coast region.

AnakJajan personally love the way they showcase everything there with great interactive ways for example we were able to try playing traditional games like congkak, batu seremban and hopscotch. Fyi, the entrance fee for non-Malaysian is RM10 for adult and RM8 for children.

There’s a small cafetaria next the souvenir shop near exit that offers a few options of traditional dishes from East Coast Malaysia such as Nasi Kerabu, Keropok Lekor, Mee Siam, etc. Nasi Kerabu is our favorite since it has this distinctive aroma and it’s full of flavors.

In has been a while since the last time I visited the forest in Awana and it has been transformed into Fashion Forest. The 130 million years old jungle now can be more enjoyable by new generation since they now use social media and digital technologies.

They make use of Wi-fi and NFC technology to bring nature to nature lovers in a more modern and fashionable way—thus the name Fashion Forest.

In Vision City Video Games Park, we let our inner child come out to play. It feels so good and nostalgic to spend the time playing those games we were surprised at how time flies. Mr. Jajan was sooo lucky, he played roulette game and won in one try!

On the religious side, Chin Swee Caves Temple is one of the iconic places to visit in Genting. It’s easily accessible with Awana Skyway or by road. Visitors often visit Chin Swee temple to worship Reverend Chin Swee as well as praying to the large statues of Buddha and Kwan-yin behind the five-storey temple. It’s surely a nice place to enjoy the fresh air, cool breeze and scenic views, perhaps to meditate as well.

Well I guess you can tell already why Resorts World Genting is so popular. From entertainment, panoramic views, food selection, and shopping, Resorts World Genting is always a fun place to go. Thank you Resorts World Genting for the fun memories, we’re excited and seriously can’t wait for the opening of the new theme park!

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2 thoughts on “[MALAYSIA] RESORTS WORLD GENTING Travel Guide”

  1. Aku kira, Genting is all about the casino. Karena mayoritas uncle-uncle di kotaku kesana karena mau ke casino. Dan istri + anaknya ngikut aja.

    After reading your complete travel guide, I thought, wow, actually it’s more than that! Sampai ada forest trekking segala 😱

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