KFC CHIZZA – Indonesia

It’s finally here!! KFC CHIZZA or Chicken Pizza in KFC Indonesia!!AnakJajan have been curious about it since our neighbor countries already had it for quite long time and now it’s our turn!

The new product is called Mini CHIZZA and it costs IDR 18k/ box. CHIZZA stands for Chicken Pizza where they make a mini pizza lookalike dish but instead of using pizza crust, they use crispy chicken fillet as the crust.

Mini Chizza is served in mini pizza box. It is basically KFC boneless Crispy Chicken fillet topped with Bolognese sauce, Onion, Paprika, and Cheese Sauce.

At first AnakJajan thought that they’re going to use mozarella cheese like the Chizza in Singapore, but it turns out they only combine existing ingredients such as tomato based sauce from their Spaghetti menu, and then for cheese sauce, they use the same sauce from Hot & Cheesy Chicken.

On the first bite, you’ll get the crunchy texture and juicy taste from chicken, then you’ll taste the creamy and tangy taste from tomato- based and cheese-based sauce.

We suggest you to enjoy it as soon as it’s served while the chicken is still crispy and warm for best experience.

Well, we gotta say that the taste of KFC Mini Chizza is somewhat familiar since they use ingredients that already exist, but what’s there not to love??

KFC Indonesia

5 thoughts on “KFC CHIZZA – Indonesia”

  1. Aku baru aja cobain dan langsung suka 😍❤️
    Lumayanan lah dari pada ga bisa nyoba chizza yang di luar negri, atleast bumbunya ga hambar

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