[BOGOR] BUMI SAMPIREUN – Vimala Hills, Ciawi

Quick getaway is always a nice idea when we’re getting tired of hectic city life. Recently AnakJajan visited the newly opened Bumi Sampireum restaurant located in Ciawi, Bogor and it was pleasing to the eyes and tummies. Just a quick info, Bumi Sampireun is a sister restaurant of Talaga Sampireun.

Bumi Sampireun is located precisely inside Vimala Hills Villa & Resort, Ciawi, Bogor. The journey itself to the restaurant is a great experience since you’ll be able to enjoy vast green scenery, mountain views, and lovely flower hills, it’s not the view you get to enjoy everyday if you live in the city.

Surrounded by nature, visiting the restaurant is such a therapeutic experience. Breathing the fresh air, seeing the green views, enjoying the cool breeze, it sets the mood right😊

Ok, enough with the view, let’s talk about the food. Serving vast variety of traditional Indonesian cuisine, Bumi Sampireun focuses on Sundanese dishes.

Udang Bakar Madu IDR 129k

Lalapan Pucuk Labu IDR 29k

Teh Poci IDR 35k

Teh Poci IDR 35k

Teh Poci IDR 35k

Nasi Liwet IDR 59k
One of the mandatory items to have when visiting Sundanese restaurant, Nasi Liwet or succulent rice cooked in coconut milk, broth and spices. The rice dish is well executed with nice fluffy texture, classic savory taste, very aromatic and it comes with generous amount of anchovies.

Nasi Liwet IDR 59k

Nasi Liwet IDR 59k

Udang Bakar Madu IDR 129k
Jumbo prawns grilled with sweet honey BBQ sauce and served on sizzling hot plate. The size of prawn is very satisfying, huge and full of meat, it’s savory and sweet altogether with nice grill aroma.

Udang Bakar Madu IDR 129k

Lalapan Pucuk Labu IDR 29k
Unique vegetable dish to try, soft “Pucuk Labu” leaves served with chopped tomato that kinda reminds us of dabu-dabu and anchovies for crispy salty touch. It’s a humble dish that goes well with rice.

Lalapan Pucuk Labu IDR 29k

Gurame Terbang IDR 109k
Love the way they deep fried the fish until golden brown with lovely shape. It has a nice crispy texture, very meaty and fresh as well. To accompany the fish, there’s sweet soy sauce and chili, a simple yet lovely condiment for fried fish that we enjoy all the time.

Gurame Terbang IDR 109k

Overall, good food, good views, good mood. Visiting Bumi Sampireun is just a quick getaway we need, AnakJajan visited the restaurant for lunch, the staff told us that the view is amazing on sunset, I guess we have another reason to comeback. If you don’t have any plan yet for your weekend, try visiting Bumi Sampireun, we’re sure that you’ll love it😊

Bumi Sampireun
Vimala Hills, Sukamahi, Megamendung, Bogor, West Java 16770
Phone: +6281388058800 or +62251-8292999
Instagram: @bumisampireun


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